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The ABC of the migrant. Resumption of distribution.
The ABC of the migrant. Human capital as the main factor of success in the 21st century.
Different epochs put forward their demands to those who aspired to domination and management. Thus, until the 18th century, the main factor providing the dominant position in society was land, in the 19th century – ownership of the means of production, in the 20th century – possession of considerable financial capital. Today, at the beginning of the 21st century, to be competitive, one must be able to attract and retain talents. At the turn of the century, we witnessed the gradual transition of humanity from the era of `Capitalism ‘in the era of` Tala.
The ABC of the migrant. The most popular specialists.
The interdependence of national economic markets, called “globalization, determines the current state of affairs in the highly skilled labor market. Another no less important factor influencing the demand from employers is the concern of national governments that the qualification of employees is not in line with the new technological requirements. The natural aging of the population and the associated massive retirement of skilled labor also play a decisive role.
The ABC of the migrant. How to increase your competitiveness in the labor market?
Mendeleev wrote 100 years ago that Russia, due to the huge territory of the country, small population and climate problems, can build a competitive economy only by creating an innovative system. Up to a third of the world’s inventions are made by Russians. It can be American, Dutch and even Chinese Russian, but the fact remains – at the time when the country