year 2014.
The idea of the possibility of emigration to the EU certainly came to mind to many people from the CIS countries.
To this, absolutely different reasons can lead: for example, the receipt of European education by children. Someone associates this with a house by the sea. Someone with quiet old age. Someone for business expansion or as a backup option in case of problems with it.
And absolutely nobody wants to stand in line at the embassies or limit their stay in accordance with the visa regime.
At the moment there are 7 official ways to immigrate to Europe and get European citizenship.
1. If you can confirm your ethnic roots. This method works in such countries of the European Union as: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and others.
2. The combination of marriage with a citizen of a European country.
3. With the help of business immigration. One of the most effective ways to get the status of a citizen of the country.
4. If it is possible to invest in the economy of a member state of the EU. The amount in this case must be at least two hundred and fifty thousand euros. This option is more expensive, but also the most reliable.
5. If you get to buy an expensive property in a European country. In this case, you can not only obtain a residence permit, but also apply for citizenship. It is worth noting that countries that have adopted this kind of immigration, to the inhabitants of the CIS countries, in Europe, not so much.
6. Having received a valid working contract. First of all, it will be possible for citizens whose professions are in demand in the European Union. These can be attributed to IT professionals, scientists, workers of those specialties, quotas for which are allocated by each member of the European Union annually.
7. Having received refugee status. The most common of the legal ways to become a citizen of Great Britain or some of the European countries. In this case, it will be possible to start working, live, receive education and enjoy free public services even before acquiring citizenship, which is issued after 5 years. Living now foreigners in Europe – 95% of refugees and received citizenship and relevant documents in this way.
Providing a residence permit in the EU gives:
The right to freely “travel” through Europe;
The validity of the driver’s license in all EU countries;
The possibility of obtaining European numbers for a registered car;
The right to have a legal bank account, for example, in Switzerland, etc.
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