Working visa to the Czech Republic: how much is done and is worth.
Czech Republic is a wonderful country for living, for tourism and work. Therefore, many people are eager to come here to work. To do this, you need to issue a work visa.
How to get a working visa, you can find out on the Internet or by contacting the embassy of the country. It is issued for a period of two years with the right to renew at the end.
fill in the questionnaire submit a foreign passport and a copy of it; the passport of the country of residence and its copy; color photographs; also need to take from the bank, where there is a settlement account, a certificate.
If you fulfill all the requirements and issue a work visa to the Czech Republic, then you can legally work in the territory of the country. But it’s not so simple. First, the employer opens a vacancy. And if, after three months, there are no applicants for it, he sends a statement to the Ministry of Labor that among the Czechs there are no candidates, and the latter issues a work permit.
Cost of registration.
The price of a working visa is approximately seven thousand rubles. If a person applies to a firm that provides this type of service, then there may be additional payments: for opening a settlement account, forwarding documents.
Do not forget that if you want to get a visa for more than ninety days at the embassy, you will need to pass an interview in the consulate for a working visa in the Czech language. Employees will try to make sure that you are going to work, and not immigrate. It is necessary to clearly know the content of the documents submitted for consideration, to answer the questions posed clearly and briefly. If the answers are uncertain, then embassy officials may have doubts about the purpose of the visit to the country.
Working visa for the Czech Republic.
The Czech Republic is the most attractive country in terms of work. It is not far from Russia, and you can always come home quickly. The fact that a working visa is valid for the Czech Republic also makes it more convenient for processing. The timing of consideration of submitted documents is much less than in embassies of other countries. When leaving for the country, you can take your entire family with you. The Czech language is the closest to Russian, and there may not be a language barrier. Working visa allows you to legally stay and work in the Czech Republic for a couple of years. After that you can safely extend it without interrupting the work.