Working visa to Europe.
Working visa to Europe.
Cost of working visas.
Below is a table with the prices for our services for obtaining and processing both Schengen and workers.
Do you have any questions? Call – we will prompt +38 (067) 2338111.
In addition, to prepare a work visa for Europe, you should carefully prepare a package of necessary documents.
Also, one should not expect a quick visa to Europe, because the procedure usually takes three to five months.
The visa is valid on the territory of the country in which the visa is open, also with the right to enter the Schengen countries.
(not more than for 90 days)
Documents required for obtaining a visa:
1. A copy of your passport.
2. Polish invitation to work (we provide)
3. Personal data with an index.
4. Identification code.
5. Insurance (for the whole period of the visa)
6. Consular fee (20-35 euros)
7. Photografies 2 pcs.
8. Copies of the internal passport.
Additional services for visas.
Site search.
Visa consultation.
Citizens of Mexico do not need a visa to France. You can stay in France without a visa – up to 90 days. If your goal is work, and are going for a period of more than 90 days, then to you.
Yes, of course we can help you in this matter! If you want a visa to France for a year of any type, then we can to you.
Of course you can. Urgent call our visa experts in France on the phone 067-233-8-111. All we will do even in 5 days.
We have 1 day. To obtain a visa, one of the required documents is an invitation, if not, documents are not accepted for consideration. Therefore, we can help with.
News of the country.
Reviews from tourists.
Office of the NP in Moscow.
Low prices.
1 We always follow the trend of the visa-market and offer the best prices ..
Simple payment.
2 Payment by Visa and MasterCard, in cash, through terminals QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex. Money, by bank transfer.
The best lawyers.
3 Our lawyers are ready to help in every corner of the world wherever you are. The juries in the host country will come to the rescue in case of problems.
Convenience of visas.
4 You do not need to go to the Consulate or Embassy, we completely register VISA.
5 All tourists are insured for 30 000 euros. The insurance company guarantees insurance coverage.
6 A secure SSL connection is used for all operations. Payment systems are accredited in Visa and MasterCard and have a PCI DSS certificate.
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