Work on a contract abroad for vacancies is correct.
Contract work abroad attracts many people. Today we will figure out how the work abroad is under contract. And most importantly, this should be given special attention when drafting the contract. In our time there are many vacancies, this is seasonal work and work on the specialty. But how many vacancies, there are a lot of scammers, the task is not to employ, but simply to take money.
Nowadays, many citizens are wondering about the job placement abroad. This is explained not only by the opportunity to look at the world, but also by the excellent chance to realize new professional horizons, to build a good career and even to live abroad permanently.
The most important thing here is to start doing something, not just dreaming. Women can also find programs to work as a nurse, the more they sometimes expect to travel and family. Collect more information on the photos, too, you can find, look at job sites, go to the advertisement in the internet. If you want, then you will definitely find. And we will tell you what you need to pay attention to, this you yourself protect from many troubles.
The most important thing here is to start doing something, not just dreaming. Women can also find programs to work as a nurse, the more they sometimes expect to travel and family. Collect more information on the photos, too, you can find, look at job sites, go to the advertisement in the internet. If you want, then you will definitely find. And we will tell you what you need to pay attention to, this you yourself protect from many troubles.
We are determined with the country.
First of all, it is necessary to determine the country of work:
To begin with it is worth to see where and who is required. There is a list of specialties in Europe. There is also another, by profession in the US. It is for this specialization that the move will be the simplest; Just think, the trip will only be for work, or for emigration. Then it is advisable to look at countries that welcome emigrants and are most loyal in this matter; If you are a good specialist, then you should immediately pay attention to America and also to Germany. Qualified personnel are needed here; If you do not have a narrow specialization, then it is quite possible without serious problems to go to Poland. It is quite possible to find work without intermediaries and to gain a foothold; If you do not know who to go to work with, then it’s quite possible to go to seasonal work, or for the summer an animator.
When you can immediately refuse.
Work on a contract abroad is offered in many industries. But the contract is almost the same and the requirements here will be the same. Here there are some details, when you offer, you can immediately abandon the proposals of this form.
Work abroad under the contract at the conclusion of the country of work.
This simply can not be. Since a work visa can only be issued at the embassy of the country of residence. And not otherwise.
With you can take 100-200 dollars for a job search. That’s bullshit. Any normal firm always has a database, and vacancies by countries and firms they can offer immediately. It may just be different. In any case, the employer will need your resume, and translated into English.
Offer to go on a tourist visa.
Under such a visa, work can not be legal at all. And here you must fully understand that not legal work can lead simply to deportation. Although so many of our compatriots work. Not all countries can give a working visa without problems. Your job is simply not to get into trouble.
What should be in the contract.
Work on a contract abroad should be documented. There are points that are present for any specialty. They should be stipulated at once and in detail. You look at these things yourself and no one can just get you to do it. But when you come to work, it may well turn out that the contract is not necessary and you can remain a hostage to an unpleasant situation. The instruction will look like this:
Everyone knows this, but not everyone understands. In different countries, any specialty can assume quite different duties. Therefore, they must be reflected on paper. For example, in a contract it may be just that you have an employer to provide you with work, but upon your arrival you are offered to simply wear a brick at the construction site. Formally & ndash; you have been given work. Actually, not what you thought about and from the legal side you will not be right.
This point should be stipulated in full, because you can offer to work and overtime, but you should know that abroad this time is much more expensive. Pay attention to this point.
This point is quite important. Insurance abroad is compulsory. And what does not fall under the insurance is quite expensive. Therefore, this paragraph should be stipulated, and in detail. What will be included in the insurance and who pays for it.
In kind and a petty question. But for example, you are going to seasonal work and the employer provides you with housing. And it is likely that on arrival you can provide just a barracks for 10 people. Therefore, this paragraph should be written thoroughly. The same goes for nutrition. Sometimes it is also offered during working hours from the employer. Only it is necessary to prescribe what will be included here.
The video in this article will tell you about the possible types of search:
When looking for available contracts abroad it is necessary to take care of the safety of this work. After all, there are scammers who provide intermediary services to find work. Such cheating firms initially offer attractive conditions, in fact, you can be deeply disappointed in their honesty.
What the firm provides.
For this, it is necessary to check all the legal aspects of the proposal for work on the contract. The mediator must provide a number of eligible documents.
It is necessary to have a license to carry out employment activities abroad. The legality of this document can be found in the Ministry with the help of a call or information on the official website. Also, the intermediary must provide you with an agreement with a foreign partner in the state where the contract is offered. This document must be notarized and legalized in the diplomatic representation. Do not forget to ask the intermediary to get familiar with the license for employment abroad or mediation issued to a foreign employer in his country. It must also be certified and legalized. The draft labor agreement itself is drawn up in compliance with all international norms and is confirmed in advance by the employer. It should reflect all relevant information about the proposed vacancy.
The documents presented to you by the intermediary must be carefully studied. Do not rush to sign a labor agreement, study all its points. It’s easier to do this at home, where no one interferes and distracts attention. It is advisable to consult on this issue with a lawyer, he will be better able to assess the eligibility of the documents.
If the job offer abroad meets all of the above criteria and fully satisfies you, you can safely go to the diplomatic mission.
In order not to be mistaken with the choice of the agency providing intermediary services, first of all pay attention to the specified data in the advertisement. The firm must communicate in it its real contacts. Directly in the office, personally read the documents on state registration and license. Go to the sites and see the reviews. It is likely that you will find interesting details. The contract should not be concluded on the provision of services, the question is how to distinguish between a proposal that does not suit you, from employment. An employment contract must be drawn up here. The liability for non-compliance with the terms of the contract should also be specified. This contract must be made in 2 copies and signed by both parties. Read the labor code of the state where you plan to get a job. Learn the size of the minimum wage, what should be the length of the working day and other aspects related to work. The nuances of the legislation entered into the contract are able to ensure the protection of your rights. Any information provided to you should be checked for truthfulness. Contact the foreign employer on the phones specified in the contract and specify the possibility of finding employment in all parameters. If you do not know the required foreign language, use the help of a professional interpreter. If the information specified in the contract does not match with the reality, terminate the cooperation with this intermediary.
Please note that work abroad is not legalized in all countries. In states with which agreements on mutual employment are concluded, only the conclusion of the labor contract is required. Otherwise, you will need to receive an employer’s invitation.
Must be done.
Before traveling abroad, additionally secure yourself.
It is necessary to copy all the documents required to travel to another country. Leave these copies, as well as detailed information about the intermediary and the employer to your relatives. If possible, get a ticket not only to one side, but also back with an open date. You must know in advance where to go abroad when there are unforeseen circumstances. Practice learning a foreign language. To begin with, you will need knowledge of at least a few phrases that will allow elementary explanation in a foreign country. Be sure to purchase a dictionary or phrase book. Think with your family secret phrase, which in the conversation will mean that you have something wrong. In a critical situation, you can count on their help.
You have an approximate instruction, why it is exemplary, because each of the options has its own details and features. We told what to look for first. Most importantly, do not hesitate to ask questions and ask for a specific answer. After all, the price of the issue here is high and there is nothing to be ashamed of.