Work in New Zealand.
New Zealand is not only an amazing natural beauty, attracting tourists from all over the world. The open immigration policy of this state has caused a constant influx of citizens from different countries who want to settle here for permanent residence. The most important advantage of moving to New Zealand is the high social security provided by the government. If we add to this the developed infrastructure and a high standard of living, then it will turn out exactly what most citizens want, caring about their future. One of the main types of moving here is working in New Zealand.
Search for vacancies.
According to the reviews of compatriots who have already moved to work in this country, it is very easy to find work here. The economy of New Zealand is considered one of the fastest growing among the developing countries.
Thanks to this, a large number of new vacancies appear every year. Finance, communications, tourism and medical services are far from being a complete list of industries that you can count on to work for.
There are a number of job opportunities for local employers:
Knowledge of English. Perhaps this is the main criterion for a successful job search here. Tentatively, the applicant must be able to speak the language, as a teacher of this discipline in high school. Having set a goal, to find a job in a New Zealand company, the first thing to do is to tighten up the English language with the help of some courses. As a rule, it can be done already on the spot, having arrived at first for training, and at the end of the course to do a job search. Available education. It is extremely difficult to get a job in a prestigious job without an appropriate level of knowledge in a certain field. Of course, this applies to those who do not want to work, such as a bartender or a cleaner, but intend to find a more paid and worthy place.
In the country there are several programs for emigrants from other countries. The most popular of them is the state project called “From study to work” (“Study to work”). This is for those who first get education in the country. Participants of the program are guaranteed to be provided with a workplace after completion of training. It is worth noting that this is a costly option, but at the same time the best way to immigrate with various bonuses. For those who own a rare and necessary country the profession, you can still look for a job without graduating from a higher education institution. Workers in the agricultural sector, engineers are in great demand. Appreciate the state and scientists. Those who belong to such people should contact the local universities directly, offering their services. A lot of New Zealand universities are in the TOP-500 of the world’s best educational institutions. Another important condition for finding vacancies is a properly designed resume. Employers carefully study the summary of all potential candidates before inviting them to an interview. On the Internet, you can find samples for the qualitative drawing up of such a document.
Jobs in New Zealand, as well as in any other country can be found via the Internet, recruitment agencies or local ads in newspapers. In Russia, agencies also provide similar services, but their cost is usually very expensive.
Here you can find those who are doing this for free. The largest number of jobs are provided by cities such as Auckland and Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.
Level of wages.
Since this country is considered a place with a high standard of living, then the salaries here are worthy. For residents of the post-Soviet space in New Zealand, work is provided mainly in such areas as education, medicine, agriculture, programming.
Attractive for Russian and Ukrainian and such jobs as engineers, gardeners, maintenance personnel, drivers. So, the average salary of a doctor varies from 75 to 250 thousand dollars a year, the engineer – from 45 thousand to 100, the teacher – from 45 to 75 thousand.
The minimum wage established in 2018 is NZ $ 29 per hour. In terms of the American currency, this equals the amount of almost $ 20. The driver for an hour will receive from 30 to 50, a medical or educational worker – from 14 to 20, a mechanic from 18 to 24 US dollars. Such simple occupations, not particularly valued in Russia, are, on the contrary, very in demand and have many positive aspects.
Registration for work.
If work in New Zealand does not become a continuation of training at a local university, then a mandatory condition is to obtain a work visa. Types of permits to enter the country as an employee can be divided as follows:
Long-term work visa – it is issued to qualified specialists. To do this, it is necessary to conclude a labor contract with a New Zealand company, which guarantees employment. The term of such a document is unlimited, but there is a nuance. For the registration of a long-term visa, you first need to arrange a temporary and at least two years to work on it for this particular employer. Visa based on the points system. As an evaluation, different indicators are taken, such as age, education, previous work experience, level of English proficiency. An ideal option for obtaining such a visa is a set of 140 points. Temporary visa marks, on the basis of which then a long-term solution is obtained. They are issued for a period of three to five years. Such visas are often used by seasonal workers.
Work for a certain season is one of the most popular in the country among migrants. In New Zealand, a large number of vineyards and other crops that require care.
Local residents are reluctant to undertake such work – the high standard of living in the country affects, therefore the gardener is considered to be a low-paid position. Nevertheless, he receives about $ 10 an hour, which by the standards of the citizens of the former Soviet Union is a very good earnings.
In addition, a special visa is issued to employees participating in the transfer from their organization to a similar New Zealand one.
A special permit for employment in the country is not needed. The basic package of documents for the registration of a work visa includes:
The current passport. Two fresh photos. A completed application form. The concluded labor contract. Medical conclusion. The document on the absence of previous conviction.
Of course, the embassy office has the right to request the provision of additional documentation. Illegal earnings are dangerous problems with employers – not paid wages in time, permanent processing. Some migrants use illegal employment for a period of searching for a legitimate workplace.
Many seek here not only to work, but also to open their own business. If it comes to registering a business, you can not find a better place – the organization and formalization of all the papers takes a little more than two weeks.
Some of the businessmen complain about a slow-moving market, but most importantly – the right industry. Go towards agriculture, tourism or export of meat and milk products is not worth it – here it is developed at an excellent level. But the other areas are at the disposal of migrants. The most popular is the opening of restaurants, cafes, food or clothing stores.