Work in Canada: The most popular specialists.
What you need to know to go to work in Canada.
Canada & ndash; A country with fairly loyal labor and immigration legislation. It purposefully attracts foreign specialists for living and working on its territory. It is a country with a developed economy and a high standard of living. Therefore, it is not surprising that in Canada there is the second largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world.
To work legally in Canada, first of all you need to have an invitation from the employer, where the company’s name and position in which the person will be indicated are specified exactly. Then you need to get permission from the Canadian Ministry of Labor, which confirms that there are no candidates for this vacancy among the citizens of the country. This condition is very strictly observed, perhaps, because of this, there is practically no unemployment in the country. Consideration of the application takes a month and if the vacancy is not closed by the Canadian, the department will issue a permit.
It should be borne in mind that in order to obtain a work permit and a visa, the Ukrainian must have an official work experience in the specialty for which he applies in Canada for at least two years.
The easiest way is to look for an employer in Canada via the Internet. You can search for your place in the sun on the portals: Job Bank (the largest job search server in Canada), Best Jobs Canada (job search in Canada by province, Canada jobs, Plus Jobs (job search in Canada by city), Emploi Quebec server for job search in Quebec (fr.yaz).
Required documents.
When the employer’s invitation is in your hands, you can contact the Canadian Embassy for a work permit. To do this, you need to provide the following documents:
a passport that will be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in the country; photos on the visa application form for visa application information about your family (and those who do not leave with you) receipt for payment of consular fees photocopies of all pages of the internal passport proof of the availability of the necessary funds copy of the certificate of marriage and the birth of children employer’s invitation signed contract of employment work permit.
Also in the package of documents, the diploma and its annex, a work record card, a passport, a recommendation from the Ukrainian employer, from whom you worked for the specialty you are applying for in Canada, are attached to the English language. And another international certificate IELTS for language skills with an assessment of not less than 6.5. It is worth noting that the applicant for work should be aged 18-49 years, but the optimal age & ndash; 20-35 years.
Visa application for work permit & ndash; 150 Canadian dollars (at the rate of the NBU 1 Canadian dollar – 7.64 hryvnia).
In demand professions.
Despite openness to foreign workers, in Canada representatives of not all professions are needed. This year the federal immigration program lists a list of popular specialties:
Engineers-managers Financial and investment analysts (quota exhausted) Geologists and oceanographers Civil engineers Mechanical engineers Chemical engineers Mountain engineers Geological engineers Petroleum engineers Aerospace engineers Computer engineers (except for software developers and designers) Land management specialists Programmers and developers interactive media (quota exhausted) Mechanics and tools of industrial tools Environmental, Health and Safety inspectors Audio Physiotherapists and occupational therapists and speech therapists Technologists Medical laboratory technicians and medical laboratory assistants pathologists Respiratory therapists, clinical Perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists Technologists Medical X-ray Medical Technicians Sonographists cardiologists and technologists elektrofiziolocheskoy diagnosis.
The website provided a rating of the sought-after occupations in Canada, the demand for which the employers had been growing for the last 6 years (2006-2012), and the average salary started from $ 60,000. The following criteria were taken into account: the growth in the number of jobs, the average salary based on A 40-hour workweek in 2012, a change in the average salary from 2006 to 2012, and the projected demand for these jobs using data on Canada’s workforce and the pace of development.
In most cases, the contract with the employer is for the duration of the visa, but then it can be extended. And if a person has legally worked in the country for 2 years, he can apply for permanent residence.
Working in Canada, regardless of whether they are immigrants or not, are protected by the state. You can resolve disputes by contacting the court or the Human Rights Commission.
Growth in the number of employees.
Projected number of vacancies for 2020 at the rate of 1 person.