Work in Bulgaria. Resolution.
Because it, in principle, no. A good skilled, interesting and highly paid work is always not enough for everyone, and certainly not in the richest country of Bulgaria, and even for emigrants. Because the prices and salaries in Bulgaria are slightly different from the Russian ones in the smaller side, which is not only a pleasant surprise in stores, but also unpleasant at work. Because according to the Bulgarian laws, immigrants can not work without permission.
The right to work in Bulgaria is available only to citizens of this country, foreigners with permanent residence status, people with a work permit or holders of the EU Blue Card. I’m talking about work for hire – private business is a separate topic – take money, go and do what you want.
So: you can get a work permit in Bulgaria. But how?
The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Bulgaria clearly and clearly answers this question:
Foreign citizens can perform labor activity in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria after obtaining permission to work from the Employment Agency.
A work permit is obtained for work that requires specialized knowledge and skills if the labor market in Bulgaria does not offer such trained professionals.
The permit is issued only at the request of the employer – an individual or a legal entity registered under Bulgarian law or at the request of a legal entity-employer representative registered under Bulgarian law.
The required set of documents is submitted to the Labor Office at the place of employment of the foreigner.
A work permit is an official personal document of an alien that grants him the right to work in the Republic of Bulgaria for a specified period of time at a particular workplace, at a particular post from a particular individual or legal entity registered under Bulgarian law, with the possibility of extending to three years for performers and over three years for senior staff.
A work permit is the basis for obtaining permission from the competent authorities to enter and stay in the country for the same period.
The facilitated conditions for issuing a work permit are provided for:
foreigners whose employment in the country derives from the performance of international treaties to which Bulgaria is a party of teachers, lecturers and teachers in Bulgarian higher and secondary schools of senior management personnel of firms established by foreign legal entities on the territory of the Republic of Belarus athletes and coaches of professional sports clubs with Bulgarian origin.
To issue a work permit, a normatively defined fee is introduced.
List of professions for which a simplified procedure for issuing the EU Blue Card in Bulgaria was adopted.
According to Ch. 48 on ZCRRB for illegal labor activity in the territory of Bulgaria, both aliens who engage in illegal labor activity and individuals and legal entities that use the foreigner’s work without a work permit are punished.
The fine is from 500 to 5 000 levs (2500 euros) for an illegal worker legally located in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, and from 2 000 to 20 000 levs (10 000 euros) for an illegal immigrant. If the violation is repeated, the penalties are more than doubled.
In the normative documents, cases are also envisaged where for the employment of a foreigner in the territory of Bulgaria there is no need for a permit.
It is not required to obtain permission to work for foreigners with a DAW or permanent residence in the Republic of Belarus or with equal rights through granting them the right to asylum, recognized as refugee status or humanitarian status.
In the new law on labor migration and labor mobility, all this is explained in detail and in detail – this law will be published in Russian soon.
And so it looks like an application for permission to work in Bulgaria. The front part.