Work as a doctor in the Czech Republic. It’s real.
Currently in the Czech Republic, as in many other EU countries, there is a serious shortage of doctors and medical personnel. The current situation in the Czech Republic is that more and more specialists are leaving abroad in search of a high salary, and there are not so many graduates of Czech medical universities. The age of the remaining doctors is approaching 50 years and it is extremely difficult to find a replacement for them. In the current situation, qualified medical workers from Russia and other countries have a real chance to travel and integrate in the Czech Republic.
According to the Ministry of Health in the Czech Republic, there is a shortage of doctors in almost all specialties. In general, the disadvantage concerns regional medical centers and institutions. But doctors with a certain experience and work experience without any problems find jobs in the big cities of the country – Prague, Brno or Ostrava.
The Czech Ministry of Health does not have special programs to facilitate the integration of foreign doctors in the Czech Republic, but tries to simplify this process from a formal point of view. For this purpose, a special integration program has been developed, groups for participation in which are formed twice a year – until July 1 or until January 1.
From the moment you apply for participation before obtaining a certificate that gives the right to work as a doctor in the Czech Republic, it will take about 1 year.
The Educational and Consulting Economic Center, in cooperation with the Institute for Postgraduate Health Education under the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, has set up a special program designed to help doctors from Russia and CIS countries to go through all the stages of integration into the Czech health system and then successfully get a job as a doctor in the Czech Republic. The introduction of blue maps exclusively for qualified specialists from third countries made it possible to facilitate employment in the Czech Republic. The blue card is both a work permit and a residence permit in the country. According to the legislation in force in the Czech Republic, the process of re-certification and integration of doctors into the Czech health care system has several stages. The first two stages – exams, in the form of tests, can be submitted in Russian, which facilitates the initial stage of adaptation.
The educational and consulting economic center offers you to go through all the stages of approbation and confirm the doctor’s diploma. We will help you find practice during the approbation and work in the Czech Republic after the diploma is confirmed. After working in the Czech Republic for 2.5 years, you have the right to permanent residence in the Czech Republic. For you the prospect of work in other EU countries opens.
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