Work as a doctor in Italy.
The advantages of having a doctor in Italy:
Demanded trade; Residence permit for a year after the confirmation of the diploma; Stable salary; Opportunity to work in other EU countries.
Despite the increased worldwide unemployment rate, the profession of the doctor is still one of the most popular in Europe and particularly in Italy. (Recently, the demand for nurses has increased in Italy.) If you wish, you can open your own practice or work for hire. In any case, having decided to work as a doctor in Italy, you will discover new opportunities.
Features of confirmation of the qualification of a doctor and a nurse in Italy.
According to the law, citizens who have received an education outside the EU have the right to work as a doctor or nurse in Italy after completing the procedure for confirming the equivalence of their education in Italy (and / or another EU country) and having registered in the relevant Registry.
Depending on your goals, there are 2 types of confirmation / nostrification of education.
Confirmation of education for work in Italy; Proof of education for continuing education in Italy.
Let us consider each variant in more detail.
Differences in the confirmation of the diploma of a doctor and a nurse in Italy.
To work as a nurse in Italy is not necessarily the presence of higher education, it will suffice to recognize the equivalent of a certificate of vocational education at home. To do this, the Italian Consulate in your country of residence must provide the following package of documents:
Original diploma or other documents on education; Translation into Italian of this diploma, which must exactly correspond to the original text.
In addition, you need to obtain permission from the Ministry of Health and register in the regional registry Collegio Professionale Infermieri.
If you are a certified doctor and want to continue your career in Italy, then the procedure itself is somewhat more complicated, since the compulsory requirement is the availability of higher education received in the EU. If you do not have a European diploma, then there are two main ways to confirm medical education. The first is the provision of documents with the subsequent passing of examinations in the Ministry of Health of Italy. The second – the provision of documents to the university with admission and study at the relevant medical faculty. If you successfully complete your studies, you will receive an Italian diploma. Having received the appropriate permission, you will have the right to work during study (for example, a nurse). After receiving the diploma and passing the residency, you should record in the regional registry Collegio Professionale Infermieri.
What documents are needed to confirm the qualifications of a doctor and a nurse in Italy.
Regardless of which method you choose, you will need a program of study at your home university, indicating all subjects and the number of hours of study. This document must be certified and translated into Italian, either in the Italian Consulate or by a magistrate in the Italian court. The rules for recognizing foreign diplomas in different universities are different, that’s why all information should be specified in advance. To obtain permission to start a medical practice, you must apply to any nearest university, where there is a medical faculty for passing the state examination (abilitazione alla professione). The exam consists of two parts: practical (3 months) and theoretical part – so-called. “national test”, which is conducted 2 times a year. After passing the exam, you must register with the regional medical organization “Medical Order” at your place of residence.
The third option for which you can have a clinic without confirming a diploma is the opening of your own business. If you want to start your own practice in Italy – the company you plan to hire doctors for, in this case, you must have a doctor with an Italian diploma in order to obtain the appropriate license in your clinic. However, YOU can not be a doctor in this clinic and will receive income as a proprietress.
Salaries of medical personnel in Italy.
Doctors and nurses are in demand in Italy and thus can count on both guaranteed employment and a stable salary. Legally working nurses receive from 1200 euros a month, doctors from 1500 euros a month.
Services EUEASY.
Package CONSULTATION on the confirmation of a doctor’s diploma. 1700 euros. The prepayment is 200 euros, the second payment after drawing up the work plan is 1500 euros and includes consultations on filing documents, instructions for filling out forms, payment of fees, information support for six months.
Service package (filing for you by proxy + entry for courses) 3600 euros. Phased payment: � 200 – initial consultations, second payment � 1500 after the selection of the training program and includes work on collection and registration of documents at home, the third payment of � 1500 after the collection and transfer of documents at home, and involves filing documents with the university or ministry, the last payment � 400 after receiving the result, and includes preparation for the exams.
The price includes all duties, fees for legalization, transfer of documents, translations of documents, works are carried out by proxy without the presence of the applicant. Please note that the fee for legalization of documents is included in the amount of � 700, possible extra costs are paid separately.
The possibility of confirming the qualifications of a doctor and a nurse in Italy.
We draw up a full report on the possible confirmation of the diploma, on which it will be a specialty (if not exactly the same), how and for how long, about how many examinations. With the confirmed closest diploma (that is, closest to yours), will you be able to continue your studies at the chosen faculty at the second highest or magistracy. If there is no such possibility with your diploma – then to what nearest you can confirm, to study at the magistracy or the second higher in the selected faculties. All the options that can be in practice, so as not to lose 4 years on a bachelor, how to do it, how fast, what exactly one needs to do and where to carry.
Additional services – extra charge:
The cost of Italian courses. Selection of rental. Registration of children in schools and kindergartens.
Variants of moving.
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