Work as a doctor in Finland.
In order to work as a doctor in Finland, you need to go through certain procedures in the appropriate order. We thank our wonderful acquaintances – doctors from the north of Finland who shared information with us and clearly, in order, described the whole procedure of actions. Work as a doctor in Finland is in demand and well paid, then you will always find open vacancies – from a nurse to a surgeon. Of course, with a Russian diploma the doctor, even with great experience, to move to work in Finland is not easy, but, believe me, it is quite possible.
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You must pass the Finnish language exam (yleinen kielitutkinto) to the intermediate level (keskitaso), you can read more about this exam in the section of our website. Study and courses in Finland. To make an apostille of your diploma formally, from a licensed Finnish translator, to translate your diploma of education (with an apostille), an insert to it, all the additional certificates that you have, a work record book, as well as characteristics from the place of work that you need to take in advance and inquiries from the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the absence of criminal records to assure copies of your translated documents in the Finnish magistrate (you can do it yourself in any magistrate of any city, or for you any friend of yours can do) to get a tourist visa and write an explanatory in a free form, why do not you have an address in Finland and a work visa at the time of your application for confirmation of documents, go to, fill out the application (hakemus), attach to it all the necessary documents (those that described above, as well as those that require valvira additionally), do not forget to indicate the address in Finland, where the confirmation documents will subsequently come (ie your e-mail will be notified that the decision has been made, but to the postal address in Finland – envelope with documents) with this paper from valvira you need to look for the place of the intern (amanuenssi) in a Finnish clinic or hospital (for 6 months). The salary of a trainee is not large, about 1000 euros, do not forget also that you need to obtain a residence permit in Finland after 6 months of practice you will be allowed to pass the first exam “clinical tasks” or medical knowledge (you are given 3 attempts to pass this exam, t if you did not pass it three times, you can not validate your medical education in Finland) after successfully passing the first exam, you can work as an assistant doctor, whose salary is already longer and after 6 months you will again be allowed to go the second is examination – Care Act after passing this exam, you are working on a physician’s assistant, and after some time hand over the third compulsory test – “at the bedside”, ie practical medical skills.
After that, you get the right to work in Finland as a general doctor (yleisl & auml; & auml; ri) under the guidance of an experienced Finnish doctor. In this position, your average salary will be 4000 euros (for example, in the HUS system, similar doctors receive 5,000 euros) – naturally, wages are always said before taxes. Read more about payroll taxes in the section Work / Taxation in Finland.
Further on the qualification there are specialized doctors (erikoisl & auml; & auml; k & auml; ri), for obtaining such specialization it will be necessary to spend several more years. For example: the average salary of such a doctor in Finland is 5000-7000 euros per month (HUS 5000-10000 Eur, Kanta-H & auml meen Keskussairaala 5900 Eur, Vsshp 4800-8000 Eur).
In some regions and medical institutions, a doctor also needs to have a second state language – Swedish, but this requirement is not always necessary. Sometimes it’s just a formal examination for general knowledge. In any case, every language that a physician owns in Finland adds to his chances of an even better job.
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