Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. Annually, hundreds of thousands of migrants from all over the world are striving to this prosperous country with the hope of obtaining permanent residency, and in the future also Canadian citizenship. Most often, foreigners move to Canada for employment purposes.
Comfortable geographical location close to the United States, a huge territory, an abundance of natural resources, access to three oceans and many other factors contributed to the development of the Canadian economy and the achievement of a high standard of living for the local population.
Work in Canada for Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians and other citizens of the post-Soviet space in 2018 & mdash; this is a very real goal. Canadian immigration programs are considered very affordable, yet not every foreigner can count on taking up a job.
In most cases, there are special lists of scarce occupations that can not be filled by Canadians and then access for foreign specialists is opened. Next, let’s talk in more detail about the methods of employment in the Canadian labor market, learn how to find a job without intermediaries, designate available vacancies and salaries in Canada in 2018.
How to go to work in Canada.
The job search in Canada, first of all, is connected with a huge competition, not only with local residents, but also with job seekers from different countries. By the way, if you look at the ethnic composition of the population of Canada, then just over 30% of the population & mdash; they are Canadians, about 20% are English, 15.5% French, 14.4% Scots, 13.8% Irish, 9.8% Germans and even Chinese represent 4.5%. Total population of Canada in 2018 is 36.7 million people. At the same time, the unemployment rate in the country is about 6%.
Like most developed and prosperous states, the Canadian government is interested in finding employment primarily for its own citizens. Therefore, working in Canada for foreigners, including Russians and Ukrainians, involves a thorough analysis of the local labor market and an understanding of the requirements for foreign workers. The main task of the applicant is to find an employer who agrees to fill the workplace with an alien. After all for this purpose it is required to issue to the new employee the permission to work in Canada and to pass other bureaucratic procedures.
Employment in Canada. Tips and features.
Pay attention to the large and developed Canadian cities, for example, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Unemployment here is much lower, and the chances of finding a job are greater.
Pull up the English language skills to a high level. In some regions, such as the province of Quebec, you will need knowledge of French. Work in Canada without knowledge of the language & mdash; this is an almost unrealistic task.
Look for options exclusively for legal employment. Illegal work in Canada, even if knowledge of the language is not decisive & mdash; this is a huge risk, moreover, deportation with a subsequent ban on entry into the country is guaranteed.
Soberly assess your skills, experience and skills. Mostly in Canada, specialists with a serious knowledge and skills are required.
The level of education is of great importance. It is best to have the diploma of one of the Canadian, American or British universities.
Ideal and at the same time the most real option for employment in Canada are special programs for foreign workers. More details about the requirements for foreign specialists to participate in programs can be found in the article how to emigrate to Canada. In particular, the following immigration programs are described there:
In addition to the obvious conditions for finding a vacancy in Canada related to education, qualifications, experience and other competitive advantages, to obtain a work permit, as a rule, temporary, the foreigner will need:
to demonstrate their willingness to leave Canadian territory after the expiry of the work permit;
Provide proof of sufficient funds for living in Canada for the first time;
take a certificate of absence of previous convictions in your country;
Do not pose a threat to the security of Canada;
to undergo a medical examination, that is, not to have serious illnesses and, in principle, to have good health;
if necessary, fulfill other conditions and provide additional documents at the request of the Canadian authorities.
For representatives of some professions, a work permit is not required in Canada, for example:
Professional athletes and coaches. Organizers of international events in Canada. Journalists and reporters. Artists. Diplomatic workers. Servicemen of other states. Businessmen. Religious figures.
Full information about the requirements and conditions of immigration to Canada, including employment for foreigners, can be obtained at the official government portal & mdash;
Work in Canada without intermediaries. Search for a job.
In the modern world, there are quite a few ways to find a work place abroad. As a rule, the best result is the use of a wide range of available information and the diligence of the applicant. A lot depends on the region, the situation on the labor market, the profession of a foreigner, language skills, experience and so on.
When looking for a job in Canada for Russians and Ukrainians in 2018, first of all, it is worth checking the compliance of qualifications with local requirements. You can do this using the In addition, many Canadian professions are regulated, that is, require a special license.
Personnel ties and acquaintances are considered to be an effective variant of employment. By the way, the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada is simply huge. Communication with immigrants or people with experience in Canadian companies & mdash; This is a great way to find a job and deal with the peculiarities of labor migration to Canada.
Actively use social networks, especially professional & mdash;, visit thematic forums and ask questions of interest. Make a competent resume and cover letter. Sometimes it is worth writing to the employer directly, but only in case of actual confidence in your competitive advantages. Here are some large Canadian companies & mdash; Canadian Natural Resources, The Woodbridge Company, Imperial Oil, Sun Life Financial.
To find a job in Canada without intermediaries, you will need patience and the ability to find information on the Internet. Denote the most suitable resources.
Popular sites for finding work in Canada.
International recruitment resources, including in Canada:
Browse the sites of famous Canadian newspapers, for example, The Gazette, Vancouver Sun and National Post. In extreme cases, you can contact the Canadian recruitment agency, will work for you.
Jobs and salary in Canada in 2018.
The Canadian labor market is very diverse, and the workforce is very qualified. The bulk of the population is engaged in services (70%), followed by industry (29%) and agriculture (1.6%). Foreigners can apply for jobs in construction, transportation, banking, tourism, health, agriculture, trade and other areas. In general, the average salary in Canada in 2018 is about $ 3,400 per month. Official minimum wages, depending on the region, range from C $ 10.75 to C $ 13 per hour.
Jobs in Canada for Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians in 2018, in the first place, are available among the scarce professions. These are medical workers, oil engineers, financial and banking analysts, and experienced technical specialists.
The work of a long-distance truck driver, a welder, a roofer, a concrete worker, a bricklayer, and temporary employment on farms are very popular among the citizens of the CIS. Social workers and owners of unqualified professions are often required.
Women can find work in Canada as a cleaner, a housekeeper, a nurse, a waitress, a maid, a seamstress and a saleswoman. Men, in addition to construction work, can get a job as a cook, barman, security guard. Independently of sex, foreign workers are required to collect fruits and vegetables. In these areas, you can earn $ 1,500 a month.
Canada & mdash; this is a beautiful, rich and comfortable country for life. Immigration programs are mainly designed for experienced and skilled professionals, but the chances of finding a job in Canada are among representatives of different professions. The main thing is to be patient and not to give up.
– Age of at least 25 years and not more than 55 years.
– Good knowledge of English or French.
– Do not use [censored] drugs.
– Experience in this field and so on.
Carefully read the article Take the express test online and check your chances, the links are there. Most work in Canada is granted to foreigners on the basis of special immigration programs.
– at least 1 year of work experience;
– fluency in English or French at a good level;
Fill out the application form and get more information on this site –
To receive official information about the qualifications, experience, skills and other responsibilities of foreigners for employment in Canada in the context of each profession, visit the official government website of Canada –
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