Work abroad with Rospersonal is available to everyone.
Rospersonsal offers you vacancies in the resorts of the UAE, in hotels in Turkey and Egypt, in the families of Canada, as well as work on a contract for cruise ships that fly under the American flag to the shores of Australia, New Zealand, Cuba, Mexico, Bali, Spain and many others. countries. With Rospersonsal, the whole world is getting closer.
If you have questions about employment abroad & mdash; write to the department you need or ask them on the forum. We will help you find a job abroad that is right for you.
In hotels, restaurants and shops.
Employment in five-star hotels of Sharm-El-Sheikh and Hurghada. Contract from 4 months. Wages from $ 450. Employment is temporarily discontinued.
Employment in the resort towns on the coast of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas. Season from March to October. Wages from 500 $. Employment is temporarily discontinued.
Employment only in 5 and 4 star hotels of Dubai, Abu Dhabi. The safest country for work and living. Work all year round. The basic salary is from $ 700. The contract is for 1-2 years.
Employment in the best hotels in Manama, accommodation and meals at the employer’s expense, year-round. Wages from $ 600.
On cruise liners.
Employment of specialists with a good level of English. The contract is from 6 months. Wages from 1200 $.
Work with children and the elderly.
Federal employment program in Canada with the possibility of obtaining citizenship. Care of children and elderly, homestay, separate room. Wages from $ 1700.
For qualified specialists.
The state employment program for a contract in Australia. Work for professionals, managers, workers and employees with higher and secondary special education.
The Government of Canada has developed these programs for qualified professionals with professional knowledge and experience.
Work as a nanny abroad.
Work as a nanny from 20-40 hours a week with living in a family. Free meals, accommodation, insurance, language courses, scholarships are provided. The contract is from 6-12 months.
Work as a teacher.
The program for teachers of English in private schools in China for preschool children. The term of the program is 12 months (with the possibility of extension) for a working visa Z-work visa.
Want to go abroad to work or to obtain education?
? Find the programs that suit you.