Why DO NOT go to Poland.
Moving to any country, including Poland, is a great stress for any person. Therefore, you need to think carefully whether you are ready to give up the usual way of life, friends, work and much else for the sake of emigration. Without too much reason to move, this should not be done.
Greet everyone on your channel! The topic of today’s video: “Why should not I come to Poland?” I shoot a video in a wonderful square, in which I did it repeatedly. This square is priched by the fact that the statues are sitting on benches, and you can pretend that you are talking to someone. Her name is Agnieszka Ossetskaya. I apologize if I incorrectly mention your name, lady.
Knowing that a lot of videos have already been shot on this topic, that this topic is very individual and delicate, I want to share my thoughts. It seems to me that, first of all, you do not need to come to Poland, if you run from something. Unfortunately, problems from our life do not go away from the fact that we change our place of residence. If it seems to you that it’s hard for you to live in Ukraine, that you do not earn enough, a small job, everything is so awful, unstable, then do not create the false illusion that if you come here, everything will be easy, simple and interesting at once.
How quickly do schoolchildren learn Polish and adapt in a new country?
Everyone has a history, each has his own experience of living in Poland. Thanks to the blog, I met a lot of guys who come here. We maintain relationships, communicate, and, unfortunately, not always these stories are wonderful. About 15 years ago it was believed that life and work in Poland – it’s cool, you could go out, make a lot of money, go back, buy an apartment, build a house and live the clover. Coming here, you go to the most ordinary work in the factory, where many are the same as you immigrants. Perhaps some Poles are so assertive, oppressing foreign workers.
It does not matter whether you work in Ukraine or Poland, no one is obliged to love, respect, and treat you well. Coming to a new job, you in any case gain credibility, just moving to Poland, we are very sensitive to this. Having arrived here, we think that everything is so terrible, no one likes us and I get sick at work. How many times I worked at different enterprises in Ukraine, every time on a new job I was absolutely a stranger. Will carry, if the collective only is created, and all on equal terms. And if you come to a firm that already exists 10-15 years, there is a collective where everyone knows each other as flaky, they have experienced many crisis relationships, and here you are – feel free to love me! No one is bound to love you, no one will love you. You need to win respect, friendship, understanding, build an attitude anew.
Arriving here on a semi-annual visa, then if you do not take care, no one will do it for you. It is not necessary to build false illusions that someone must and must help you. A lot of guys go to meet them. This is cool, very encouraging. When we arrived here, the people helped us too, and they were usually Ukrainians. I know that many children are also helped, and this is cool. But this is only a manifestation of goodwill.
I noticed one small feature, which is also noticed by many guys with whom I communicate. Poles very often can promise, say that they will do something, but when it comes to action, if they are uncomfortable, they do not have the desire, time, they will simply say: “Sorry, I did not have time.” And you can not do anything.
I want to remind you that moving to a country is always a test. The test is moral, physical, spiritual. You leave, you leave everything you have made for 20-30 years, friends, acquaintances, favorite products, everything that you are used to. When you move everything will be new. First there will be euphoria, it will be cool, another level of life. Many children who come here face depression. Not because it’s bad here, because everything is different. Relations at a distance are always difficult, there are some half-hearted, misunderstandings. It’s great that there is an Internet, social network, Skype, but this will not replace a live relationship.
It seems to me that when a person decides to go abroad, he must understand clearly why he is doing it. It should not be some kind of blurred illusion, a search for a better life. On such a dream you do not hold out here for long, there must be strong motivation. My advice to you: think it over immediately and be sure that it is important for you. When we moved to Poland, for many of our acquaintances this was some kind of incomprehensible spontaneous decision, they simply could not understand why we did it. There was no understandable reason. Our reasons did not suit anyone, but most importantly, they arranged us.
As I said in my videos, the Poles are very similar in mentality to ours, but they are still different. I like this nation more than anybody in Europe. I consider them very close, native, Slavic, but there are moments that we have in a different way. Neither worse nor better, but not as we are used to. It happens that this other is not enough.
First, be sure to come up with a reason why you should be here. It must be a strong, important reason for you. Secondly, remember that nobody here waits for you, as everywhere else. No one in the world waits for you, except your relatives. It always needs to be remembered, it is not important whether you are in Ukraine, Poland or another country in the world. Thirdly, no one will care about you here, worry about your documents, about the extension of your visa, about your best working conditions. Nobody except yourself. You yourself must take care of this and put maximum effort into it. Fourthly, remember that no matter what, changing the country, moving to a class office on a good contract, in a cool job, you still change the country. You leave all your wealth, all friends and acquaintances in Ukraine. Here you need to build everything again. You need to be prepared for this. Although, of course, it is impossible to prepare for this 100%, but at least you need to think about this a little and try to find alternative ways of getting out of depression for yourself.
All the guys who watch my channel, you are watching it for a reason, you are looking for some important information for yourself and are making plans to move, to live. In fact, I would really like that each of you has everything in life, and you have found your place in which you are comfortable and comfortable, where you feel safe and feel the love of your relatives and friends. Be happy and see you again! Till!
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