Why and how. The whole truth about the emigration of Saveliy Kramarov from the USSR to America in 1981.
Saveliy Kramarov is an outstanding actor of the USSR, who played 70 films for his life, but he did not play a major role in it.
Starting to play in the theater, Kramarov realized that his main vocation was to be an artist. “I play hooligans and fools, starting with nerds, ending with full, and you love me for it!” – said Kramarov. But, according to colleagues, his screen image was very different from the real Saveliy.
His favorite occupation was reading books, he did not get along with people very much and always tried to keep distance.
Departure to America.
Before he emigrated, Saveliy Kramarov wrote an open letter to the then US President Reagan: “Dear Mr. President, I do not die of hunger, but man does not live by bread alone. Help me to find a way to work in your great country. My current great country, apparently, can not help me on this issue ”
His letter was several times broadcast on the Voice of America. If such an act was committed by any other Soviet citizen, he would not be forgiven, in the case of Kramarov, they decided – let him rather leave as soon as possible. Then on October 31, 1981 he left his homeland forever.
In Vienna, Viktor Shulman organized for him a tour, which was a great success. He assumed that in America his life would be better, he would withdraw more, but Hollywood did not live up to his expectations. Basically he was offered episodic roles in the shadow of big stars.
Why did he decide to leave?
Saveliy Kramarov became an orphan early, and his only support was his uncle. After the departure of his uncle to Israel to Savely, the attitude of the Soviet government changed dramatically. He was offered less and less roles. And after he became an orthodox Jew (he refused to shoot on Saturdays, visited the synagogue), he became completely unsuitable.
Despite the fact that he had everything that the creative intelligentsia could wish for, and he was appreciated as an artist on the top, he was still a socially disabled person. He could only play drunkards, fools, and nothing else. The existing glory with time ceased to bring pleasure, he decided that he would achieve great success precisely, and America. It’s not known where he got the information that there are only 44 comedians in America, and said that there will be 45.
But, unfortunately, his plans did not come true. In 1984 the world saw two films with the participation of the famous Soviet actor: “Moscow on the Hudson”, in which he played the role of a KGB officer, and “Space Odyssey-2010” – here he got the role of a Soviet scientist. In this film, he played with such movie stars as John Lithgow, Roy Schneider, Helen Miren.
The actor died on June 6, 1995. At the cemetery in San Francisco, the sculptor and artist Mikhail Shemyakin staged an unusual monument for his friend: a make-up table with masks of tragic roles that he had never been able to play, and a book showing his best roles in such films as “Gentlemen Good luck “,” Elusive Avengers “,” My Friend, Kolka “,” Twelve Chairs “,” Big Change “On the sides – on the one hand – a photograph of Kramarov, and on the other – the theatrical curtain.
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