Who knows how much you can travel in Europe at your +
Departure by car to Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein or Andorra is the crossing of the customs border of the EU, and therefore the export of cars from the EU. Stamps do not set. So to calm down, once and for all, go back to Switzerland. then for a couple of hours))
They check simply on a visa (residence permit). If the visa period is more than 6 months, then on the car imported from another country, you can not already move. For the first time, a fine of 2000 euros (Austria), and then who knows what;)
Whether caught or not caught is another matter. Zavisit from your luck;)
Same thing with rights. If more than 6 months here – change to European (Russian select).
The car, in this case, is a subject of interest for customs, and, of dual interest – in case of temporary exportation (from the point of view of the Russian Federation) and in case of temporary importation (from the point of view of the country of temporary residence, in this case Germany).
These customs rules of both countries need to be looked at.
All right. Those. if you have been in the EU for more than 6 months and have not yet changed the VU and registering the car for the local, then you are moving illegally.
The need to replace the VU, perhaps, is controlled by the police, but not the need to re-register the car.
Moving cars is the sphere of interests of customs. So she will control the timing. when re-registering cars in the host country or when crossing the border again. if he deems it necessary.
Report to the tax violation – a direct duty of the police.
And they really have the traffic police. surprisingly. ))
Know the legislation of customs – is not the duty of the police.
And yet, how sideways is the tax.
& gt; And yet, how sideways is the tax.
Transport tax at the place of registration has not been canceled and when importing cars into the EU, in addition to the customs duty, VAT is still paid.
And having the ESU of the EU country, I can import a car today for a couple of days. not everyone needs to live, by the way.
Customs rules, by the way, are different across countries. Another thing is that the goods released on the internal circulation of one customs are considered to be registered in the EU.
Well, again, there are countries not EU, but in the Schengen and the intersection of Schengen is not equal to the crossing of the EU border.
Of course not. To do this, they have internal instructions (tied to the legislation), in which there is a clause that if a person is within the EU for more than 6 months, the control of the vehicle is possible only if there is a UE of the EU sample. The date of entry is read from the residence permit. The same goes for TC. What kind of relationship do you not have with customs? Fact – you are moving around the territory of the EU illegally.
The residence permit does not mean that the person there is a resident. And put the car on the numbers and change the rights only to the resident. Because the police will not even fool around trying to figure out what and how.
I admit that it is boring in Austria, because they suffer from this garbage.
& gt; & gt; & gt; VPN does not mean that the person there is a resident.
Of course does not mean. But residence permit without registration, where you specify the place of your permanent residence in the EU and the date, you simply will not receive. Therefore for the police it does not matter what kind of resident you are. Just look at your residence permit. And if it was issued earlier than six months ago, then please, change the registration of the car and the right.