Who can come to you in Holland – the Netherlands for marriage or for “partnership” relations from the CIS countries?
There are two situations:
1. Association of the family in the Netherlands-Netherlands.
Your “partner”, spouse or spouse will come to live with you in Holland – the Netherlands, because you have lived together for a long time abroad.
2. Creating a family in the Netherlands-Netherlands.
Your “partner”, spouse or spouse comes to live in Holland for the first time – the Netherlands. At the time you started your relationship or when you joined the Marriage, your “partner”, spouse or husband lived abroad. You at that time lived in Holland – the Netherlands.
What conditions should your foreign spouse, your spouse or “partner” answer?
He / She c you is married or registered with you “partnership” in your country or in Holland. Your marriage or registered “partnership” is also registered upon arrival in Holland – the Netherlands in the municipality of the place of residence; Both “partners” must provide official legalized documents that they are not married to other people; He / she does not carry a danger to the public order of Holland-the Netherlands; He / She is over 21 years old. In case of family reunification, he must be over 18 years of age; He / She will live with you as soon as he arrives in Holland – the Netherlands; He / She will lead a joint farm with you and necessarily will be registered at your address; He / she must pass the basic exam on Dutch Citizenship (show that he assimilated in the Dutch society).
What conditions should you meet as a Dutch spouse, spouse or “partner”?
You at least turned 21. You have enough financial income in the Netherlands – the Netherlands.
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