Which countries of the far abroad can be moved with a canceled criminal record.
Hello, Alex! Of course, the countries of the far abroad are not too willing to grant their citizenship to persons who have been convicted. However, there is still a possibility to go far beyond the homeland for people who had a criminal record. I am sure that you need to determine for yourself which countries of the far abroad you would like to leave and based on this ready list, you could approach this issue in more detail, studying this issue separately in the case of each country. After all, the requirements for the person being tried can vary depending on the country where you are going.
So, for example, when you emigrate to a country like Canada, a convicted person will need to undergo a rehabilitation procedure earlier. Persons who have committed some crimes, for example, ten years ago, do not need to file a petition for lifting the inadmissibility. Such citizens can be rehabilitated automatically. However, in each individual case it is necessary to specify everything specifically & ndash; what kind of crime a person has committed, how serious it is in the country where it is going to move, how much time has passed since then, etc. For example, there are a number of crimes that, despite the statute of limitations, still require a rehabilitation procedure.
In addition to these issues, the immigration services of the country you are interested in may be interested and try to clarify the question as to how much a person could repent of changing himself and changing his way of life. Consequently, a person who has been tried before, may need to somehow prove to people on whom the possibility of his departure depends, his law-abidingness and the fact that you no longer repeat your crimes. To do this, you will probably need to demonstrate how stable you are, what your social connections are, what your professional competence is, and so on.
All these and other approvals can take quite a long time. Also, you need to be prepared for material costs that no one will refund to you even if you are refused to leave. The answer to your request (regardless of whether it is positive or negative) you get in writing.
If you want to go to some country for a while, and the conditions for rehabilitation have not yet come, you can ask for a special permit for entry and temporary stay in the country. But, I repeat, first determine which country you would like to move to, and after that start collecting information on the possibility of moving under your conditions.
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