Where you can emigrate without problems.
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In recent years, more and more of our compatriots have been thinking about emigration from the country. The reasons for this are not small, both economic and political. A significant role is played by an independent Internet TV, which is much less optimistic in assessments of stability than official TV channels. Below we will talk about the countries in which it is easiest to leave for permanent residence.
This self-proclaimed state, occupying the northern part of the island – about a third of its entire area, almost completely controlled by Turkey. Strictly speaking, this republic (this is the full name of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) is recognized only by Turkey and Abkhazia, which itself is recognized as an independent country by only a few states.
To obtain a residence permit, it is enough only if you have a visa to rent for a long term or to buy accommodation in the territory of Northern Cyprus. After that, the necessary documents are made out, and you become almost a full citizen. True, without a passport. The inhabitants of Northern Cyprus have only ID cards. But if you are not going to travel, then you have to worry about getting a passport for Turkey – it’s much harder to do it. But if your goal is a quiet life, then you should not worry.
Another Mediterranean country for emigration. To obtain a residence permit, you need to purchase housing here and issue all the documents to send them to the embassy. If you are clean in the criminal plan, the permit will be issued. And after five years of residence, you have the right to citizenship – after passing the exams, which include history, political structure, legislation and language.
Despite the acute political conflicts that periodically arise in the Russian government with this country, there are quite a lot of Russians here. To qualify for citizenship, it is enough to open a business in this country. At the same time, they do not have to really deal with it, your company can exist only on paper and do not bring income, you just need to pay taxes. In six years you can apply for citizenship, but only after passing the exams.
To not say today the state TV about the Internet, here you will always find a lot of useful information on the peculiarities of emigration and residence in neighboring countries. So, if you seriously think about it, do not regret spending time searching.
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