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A big serious post about how to move to live in France.
We still got to a distant and wild Siberia! Impressions of the trip will tell later, but for now – an article I wrote a long time ago, but remembered just now.
Departing for a visit / home, we, of course, once again faced embassies, visas and documents. Sitting in Marseilles and waiting for the opening of the visa center, I decided to share with you my experience of moving to France from the point of view of paperwork and formalities. Moreover, it has been promised for a long time, and it can be useful to many. Now I have a long-term visa in my passport, equivalent to a residence permit, but soon I will have to march for a more serious document. Therefore, I will tell you a few formal moments of moving to this country. It will be interesting, first of all, to those who have gone through the same thing, who will have this adventure or who is just interested in these dark matters.
Many people ask if I have French citizenship, I say: no, and in the next few years there will not be, and it does not burn anywhere. I do not know where the idea of the need for citizenship of the country where you live is from. But, of course, there are several advantages of French citizens to those who just live here. So, the French have the right:
To vote in elections (here it is considered an archival case); Work as civil servants (any state organizations, schools, universities and ATTENTION – funeral bureaus are also included in this list); Open a super-savings account in the bank (I do not know the details here); A passport is forever, you do not need to update documents, proving the validity of your stay.
Here are all the differences of residence permit from citizenship, which I can recall. Travel, work in any company, learn and live peacefully, and with temporary documents. Citizenship is obtained after 4-6 years of life in France, while it is necessary to speak decent language, have sources of income and generally be a good person.) In Switzerland, for example, one of the necessary pieces of paper – the signatures of neighbors, confirming that you are a decent, pleasant and an exemplary person, you have the right to call the Swiss. Cool idea, in my opinion.
My immersion in this “country of papers” began with the receipt of the first visa and the preparation of documents for the wedding. The first time to apply and get acquainted with the new family, I came at the invitation of his mother, an ordinary guest visa, a list of necessary can be found on the embassy’s website. I’ll just talk about one funny conversation with an employee of this institution. Two weeks after the filing of the documents, they called me, and in general it was predictable: an invitation from an adult woman to a young girl who in Europe was the last time 2 years ago on vacation. Here I will give advice: tell the embassies everything is fair, do not cost julit and invent, even if your situation is atypical and suspicious. Tell me honestly for the first time – even if you refuse, you will have every right to try again and again without inventing new stories. In my case everything turned out without repetition. The girl began to ask where and to whom I was going, when my studies were over, what I was doing and what I would do in France. Having typed air, I blurted out everything as it is: I’m going to my young man, this woman is his mother, we want to live together, maybe we’ll file a statement, especially since we can not do it in any other way. She told about her studies and plans for the future. I got a visa only with the farewell not to marry a tourwoman, but to do everything according to the rules. I obeyed, and not for nothing.
Documents to get married in France.
The list of documents for the wedding plunged me at first into an easy shock. Firstly – a birth certificate (not older than 6 months!) With an apostille (seal, certifying that the document is valid and valid in many countries that have concluded the agreement) and its translation. A little background. I was born in a place that does not already exist officially, in the Irkutsk region, so I always have problems with the place of birth. To put this very apostille, the document must be sent to Irkutsk and received back. Preliminarily received fresh in the registry office of the city of Ust-Kut (there in the Irkutsk region). In short, I do not even remember how I figured out at all what to do, but in a month I managed to turn this scam with the help of a granny who lives, fortunately, in those parts. I’m sure it all happened quite quickly for such procedures, and even by mail. In addition, it was necessary to have time to apply in France, until the birth certificate issued no more than 6 months ago. And it was difficult for the authorities to explain that this document is unique, because you can place an order on the Internet, and, after a maximum of a week, a new certificate in your mailbox. With the translation, everything was simpler, but keep in mind (those who have formal relations with France), most translations need to be done on the spot through official jury experts. The list of such can be found on the website of your department or county. I needed such for wedding documents and translation of my VU.
The most idiotic in the list of requested documents was the confirmation of residence. Here it is considered an account for gas, water, light, telephone, for example. Our usual seal in the passport for residence permits did not pass. In their view, the account from the housing office had a greater legal effect)). In general, I had to transfer the receipt for an apartment and write a letter from my father who confirmed that I, a dependent, live in his territory) that’s official! Not that all the seals in the passport … The same was required of the witnesses. So Alena, about which I wrote several times, went through this strange procedure, too. By the way, the address is then read at the wedding ceremony. Pavlova Street still turned out, but with the pronunciation of “Shchors” the worker of the mayoralty had obvious problems).
Another obstacle was the receipt of confirmation that I am not married and have the right to happiness. This is done at the Russian embassy in Paris by appointment a month in advance. Then we were lucky lucky, we came to the day when we can do it on a first-come, first-served basis. This was the last day of such an opportunity in principle, I went to the embassy as one of the last lucky ones, and after us it was possible to make this piece of paper only a month later. The live queue was closed, serving about a quarter of those who came and stood for several hours at the doors of the embassy. All visa matters are tempering nerves and patience. After personal communication with the embassies, you will never be the same again).
Application and visa of the bride.
After collecting this stack of documents, it was time to file an application. It was more fun later, we were assigned a day of interview. The point is that increasingly our Chechen friends and Arab comrades bring women here under the guise of wives and, according to the French authorities, behave inappropriately. Women are in slavery, are committed to prostitution and all that. To avoid crime through marriages, each mayor’s office, when registering a marriage with a foreigner, is obliged to conduct a conversation in order to find out the truth of the story, the purity of intentions and the depth of love. As far as I understand, the larger the city, the less likely it is to talk, there are too many people there. But since we chose the municipality of a tiny settlement, we went through all the procedures properly. It is also interesting for them to find out everything, see the unprecedented Siberian beast.
Remember, there was a film with Depardieu (oh, how in the subject!), Where he arranged with the girl that they would marry for the sake of obtaining documents. She still grew some flowers. I do not remember the whole film, but I remember the moment, how they rehearse, who has any moles and when they met. I did not believe that this happens until it collided. We were interrogated separately, at that time I was with an interpreter. Questions from the series: how and where they met, how they began to live together, why they decided to get married, how they will live in France, whether parents know if they will come to the ceremony, whether we are sure of their choice and other provocative questions.
After all this concert, when everything is finally ready and approved, the board with the publication of the planned union hangs on the notice board of the mayor’s office. It is assumed that the inhabitants of the town must see and know who will marry. In the case of his disagreement with marriage, you can come and talk nastiness (they do not live together, he beats her, she changes it). Then, in theory, a check is assigned. But I do not know such cases, it is, rather, a tradition. And you can come right on your wedding day at the ceremony and, like in the movies, break into the hall and shout “NEEEEEEEEEET!”. Such a protest, too, will be taken into account by the authorities. And it will amuse the guests of J.
Some of the readers know that after the wedding I still came home for 4 months to finish the semester and get the rights. But, besides this, it was necessary to return to Moscow and make a new visa. This step is completely incomprehensible to me. After the wedding with all the documents you need to come to the Motherland, apply for a new “visa of the wife” and only with her go back. To pass this procedure, not so long ago (just when we had already applied) introduced a new piece – a test of knowledge of the French language and the “values of the Republic.” You come to the embassy to put a stamp, and you are given an invitation to test. If you do not speak French at all, you do not say a word, then you are assigned 40 hours of lessons sufficient to later explain something and understand how civilized life in Europe generally works. Questions like “does the wife have the right to work without the permission of her husband” and “do you have the right to choose a religion” immediately put everything in its place. Invented such things for Arab women who do not understand even where they go for their men. And since political correctness does not allow us to introduce different tests for different nationalities, then this list of “adaptation of Muslims” falls into all. And the language is checked at an elementary level. But this measure, of course, is useful. I have already said that in France without knowing the basic phrases it is very difficult to start living. If the tourist, then all right, you will survive, but if you need to communicate with the authorities, go to the bank (and without going to the bank here you can even get a phone) and a store, you need to learn the language.
Upon arrival, the next wave of documents and folders waited for me. First, a meeting was scheduled to find out my level of language, professional plans and training, as well as the state of health. Who needs sick immigrants). In general, I was impressed with the organization of the process. When I got there at 9 am, I left at 10.30. During this time I managed to watch a propaganda film about the great France “Live Together”, where they explained and told what the visitor has the right and what is obliged to do. Coffee, tea – everything is enclosed. Then I talked with the soc. she decided that I do not need French courses, having appointed only 2 lectures on the history of France and its administrative structure and one meeting, so that I could be helped to find studies, work and generally to orientate what I can do here. All this I was obliged to pass by signing the “Contract on Immigration and Integration”. You sign, coming for a long time and promising to fulfill the requirements of the state. Again, as I understood, this is more for the guys from Africa (judging by the audience I saw), so that when they come they understand that they get to a place where it is necessary to work and to represent some value. After mass requests for social assistance by such visitors (and if there are children, but there is no money, then the allowance can be lived), Sarkozy (in my opinion) and introduced such a procedure. It’s even more psychological integration in everything that happens. But she also helped me very much to understand what and how it works, where to call, to run and turn in case of problems. They are also fed, tea-coffee is sung indefinitely on such lectures. A trifle, but nice. In general, immigrants are welcomed here with open arms, no matter what the discontented migrants said. This system they have debugged and very much helps, if you do not come with the belief that everyone around you should.
This is not the end of the story, of course. In October, I will receive a residence permit, then it will be regularly updated, but I think that it will not be so interesting, the usual procedure is to get the papers and get them back. By the way, most recently sent a request for the exchange of my rights to the French, they say, the procedure is very long, I will share the result in case of success.
The recording turned out to be serious and, perhaps, uninteresting for one of you. But I know for sure that those who are on the verge of moving to this wonderful country are horrified by the number of procedures and papers. This is exactly what I tried to help a little and find out what will happen and how. There is nothing terrible in this, it is worth relaxing and quietly sailing along this bureaucratic course, everything will turn out!
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Funny 🙂 Just like about me written 🙂 Just in time. Only now I have already changed the rights and the documents for a residence permit filed. While waiting. Good luck to you!
Hello! And can I ask you a few questions? Just can not see the mail or some other contact for communication
Good afternoon! Find me, please, in touch. Julia Kostyleva. I will answer the questions.
Julia, how to find you? I also would like to ask questions. I am from Ukraine, but I see that the procedures and requirements are the same. Are you on Facebook?
Good afternoon! It is better to find Vkontakte Julia Kostyleva. Thank you!
Thank you, very interesting & # 8212; France has always beckoned me and wanted to learn more about life there. Do you blog?
Julia, thanks for this post! And by the way, he’s not serious, in a sense, boring. I learned that: a) moving to France is possible, and b) it is not as scary as it seems at first glance. Thank you, success)