Where to look for work in the US.
To find a job it is important to use all available resources and tools, which in the modern world is very much, and they can all be useful even in a foreign country.
To begin with, you need to decide which variant of employment is really needed: temporary work, remote work, unskilled labor or the position of a specialist with permanent employment – depending on the goal you can use different job search tools.
Recruitment agencies.
Of course, it is best to leave a resume for those organizations that the employer pays for the selection of good personnel. But there is a huge number of recruiting companies, whose services are paid by the client-applicant. Addressing to such agencies, it is necessary to choose those of them in which the payment for services occurs only upon receipt of work with their help. In addition, the recruitment agency must have a license to provide employment services.
Before you sign a contract with the agency, it is necessary to find out in advance all the conditions: what services the agency is ready to provide, for what fee and in what timeframe, as well as the return of funds in the event of failure by the agency to fulfill its obligations. All this information must necessarily be spelled out in the contract.
If the company turns out to be dishonest and fraud is evident in its work, you can contact the State Consumer Protection Office (state addresses here).
Social networks.
In the US, the LinkedIn resource is very popular, which was created specifically to establish business contacts. When it comes to finding a candidate for a particular position, the American recruiter necessarily refers to this site. In this social network there are communities where you can find vacancies that provide for the issuance of a visa H-1B.
Media and ads.
The option, which is useful to those who are already in the US.
Suitable ads can be found in newspapers, including in the editions of local communities, through which you can even find a Russian-speaking employer. Such announcements are found in the newspapers “Courier”, “Jewish World”, “Russian Bazaar”, “Arguments and Facts. America “and others.
In English-language publications, vacancy announcements can be found in the “Classifieds” section under the heading “Employment”.
Employment services.
You can apply for a job in public institutions that help immigrants with employment and provide vocational training programs. You can also contact the Department of Employment of the State or area of residence.
Sites of vacancies.
Job sites remain one of the most convenient ways to find work. The most popular and covering a huge audience in the US resources:
usajobs.gov – a federal site for finding work and internships for students and graduates. Many proposals include good scholarships, supplementary training programs, and more.
help.usajobs.gov – vacancies for people with disabilities.
Remote work and part-time work.
freelancer. com is the largest resource that has collected several million freelancers from around the world.
upwork. com is a large international portal where you can find orders for the remote execution of a wide range of services.
careerbuilder.com & # 8211; job vacancies for remote work. There is a page in Russian. A few more resources to find remote work:
rusrek. com – there are a lot of job ads for Russian speakers.
brooklyn. com. ru – vacancies on positions of home staff. Announcements here are published in Russian. This can be a good option for the first time.
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