Where to go without a passport.
If without a visa to the Russians open the road to almost any continent, then to list the states where you can go without a passport, you will have enough fingers of one hand. For today, only four countries are accessible to Russian citizens with only one Russian passport: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Abkhazia. However, as it turns out, and here you can spend a holiday with a bang!
What is just one Crimean coast in Ukraine. This unique resort area with its diverse relief, rich vegetation and mixed mountain-sea air since time immemorial has attracted tourists from nearby countries to the boarding houses of Yalta, Livadia, Miskhor, Alushta, Alupka, Sudak, New World, Sevastopol, Evpatoria and other resort towns. And the coastal sanatoriums are always overcrowded with those wishing to improve their health with the help of mineral waters and healing mud.
The versatility and rich history of the Crimea allows you to perfectly combine passive beach holidays with an informative excursion, consisting in viewing numerous architectural and historical sights. And even with rest more active, connected with visiting cave cities and canyons of the Crimean mountains. And then a huge number of sightseeing destinations that are offered by local tour operators and which are physically simply not possible to cover during one vacation, makes you return to the Crimea again and again.
Traveling along mountain serpentine it is often possible to meet pedestrian groups of tourists and climbers of absolutely all categories and any physical preparation. Continuing the theme of mountain tourism in Ukraine, an excellent place for hiking is also the Ukrainian Carpathians with their densely covered coniferous forests and crystal clear mountain rivers. It is also an excellent place for winter skiing and all-season medical. Among the ski resorts are especially popular Bukovel, Yaremcha, Slavske. Precarpathian sanatoriums of Truskavets and Morshyn are famous for their mineral waters and medical procedures all over the world.
The Republic of Belarus is no less rich in natural attractions. The main wealth of Belarus is the network of sanatoriums and boarding houses, developed against the background of unique climatic conditions, numbering more than 30 health resorts ready to offer comfortable living conditions, as well as effective methods of healing and treating a wide variety of diseases. In the country of lakes and reserved natural places, sanatorium rest will be very appropriate to combine with an extensive excursion program, including visiting the legendary national park Belovezhskaya Pushcha, or visiting ancient monuments of our common Slavic history in Minsk, Brest, Grodno, Polotsk, Mstislav and Mogilev.
Kazakhstan, where it is possible to travel without a passport, is also rich in natural resources, numerous state reserves, national park areas and a unique complex of archaeological, historical and architectural monuments stretching along the northern branch of the Great Silk Road. In order to get acquainted with the culture of Kazakhstan, it’s worth to visit hospitable Astana and Alma-Ata. Of course, an excursion to the world’s first legendary Baikonur cosmodrome will be interesting. Absolutely any kind of entertainment during the winter holidays are able to offer comfortable mountain-skiing bases of the Altai Mountains: Ak Bulak, Almatau, Tabagan, Chimbulak, Altai Alps. A summer vacation can be perfectly spent in one of the boarding houses on the shores of the picturesque lakes Borovoe and Balkhash.
You can also relax in Abkhazia. Considering the length of the whole of Abkhazia along the Black Sea coast, it would be logical to assume that tourism in this country is the main industry of the country. And most of its tourists are Russians, who are attracted by the amazingly clean sea and tropical landscapes. In the seaside area is a huge number of tourist centers, holiday homes, hotels and boarding houses. The most popular resort cities are Sukhumi, Gagra, Pitsunda, Gudauta and Novy Afon. In each of them, apart from the beach area, there are certainly various attractions.
Having dealt with where to go to rest without a passport, I would also like to understand where to go if the passport ends. After all, this important factor can become an obstacle for visiting a particular country, given that each of them has its own requirements regarding the timing of the passport.
Directions where to go, if the passport ends in 1-2 months is not so much. This is Canada, South Africa, Bulgaria, Egypt and the Philippines. Relatively loyal in this respect are also the Seychelles, Tunisia, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Vietnam, Denmark, Italy, Holland, Germany, Greece, Malta, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Portugal , Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Sri Lanka. The UK, Brazil, Hungary, India, Israel, Indonesia, Mexico, China, New Zealand, Thailand, Ireland and Oman are more demanding for the terms of the passport. These countries accept tourists whose validity period of the passport expires in half a year from the end of the trip.