Where to go to relax in Belarus?
Belarus is one of the few European countries where it is quite real to relax fully, while spending a very modest amount. The peculiarity of this holiday is also that you can feel yourself almost at the same time as in the distant Soviet past (which is now often what Russian tourists want, this is a kind of trend), and in a comfortable, aspiring to the ideal future. The Soviet legacy perfectly coexists in Belarus with a completely European level of service, while local attractions and beauty will not be inferior to the picturesque landscapes of Italy or, for example, Switzerland.
The entire territory of the country is a continuous natural, almost untouched by civilization, beauty. And among all these vast forests, meadows, crystal clear rivers and lakes for many years and even decades cultivated and developed a powerful spa and sanatorium. This is the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha, and the Berezinsky Reserve, and the Polesky State Radiation Ecological Reserve, which can boast the best in the near abroad health-improving rest. They are rich in sanatoria and resort complexes in the Vitebsk and Minsk regions. And in the Gomel and Grodno regions, a network of children’s camps and sanatoriums for dispensaries is being developed to this day. Therefore, where to go to rest in Belarus, if you decided to go here, it’s not a question. You just need to choose the place that is most suitable for you.
Rest in Belarus with children.
For a long time Belarus has been considered an excellent place for family rest and recreation with children. Many local health resorts try to orient themselves on this, offering appropriate health and tourism programs.
An excellent option – local recreation centers, which offer city residents on vacation to change the situation, after a couple of weeks, or even just a weekend, among wildlife, in the forest, on the shore of a picturesque lake or river. A healthy diet, clean air and complete relaxation will benefit both children and parents.
The children also love local national parks. This is the above-mentioned Berezinsky biosphere reserve, and the parks “Narochansky”, “Pripyatsky”, “Bratislava Lakes”, which bring young tourists to the delight of their pristine, untouched nature and various curious things that will become a real discovery for kids.
Well, in winter, of course, all roads lead to Belovezhskaya Pushcha – the local residence of Father Frost. During a week of rest your child will have time to get a lot of new impressions – this is a variety of entertainment, competitions and games, riding horses, snowmen and snowballs, slides and exciting performances, just do not count!
Winter vacation in Belarus.
Since we touched the winter holiday, it should be noted that here the country is progressing noticeably – lovers of mountain skiing and youth recreation have been coming here for ten years, in particular, they come here from everywhere to ride on the beautiful trails of “Logoisk” and “Silichi”. These resorts are hardly in some way inferior to modern European ski resorts. Where to go to rest in Belarus for the inveterate skiers? It is here that you will not regret!
At the same time, there is no need for a visa to Belarus, accommodation and meals will be inexpensive, the trails are equipped, all the necessary infrastructure is available. In addition, the winter here is mild, windless, with an average temperature of about -6 C. A real paradise for a Russian tourist!
By the way, the local health resorts are especially active for the New Year and winter holidays, as well as Shrove Tuesday and St.Valentine’s Day. Valentina, offering exciting entertainment and special wellness programs. For 7-10 days of rest, you will plenty to skate not only on skis and skates, but also participate in cheerful competitions, and along with excursion tours to Minsk, Grodno, Brest, Gomel and other cities rich in sights.
In December, many prefer to visit the center of active tourism “Yakut mountains” near the village of Yakutia, Minsk region. In the capital itself, in addition to Silici, the alpine ski center Alpine meadow is also open.
Summer vacation in Belarus.
The most comfortable time for summer holidays in Belarus is the period from mid-April to the end of September. As you can see, there is plenty of time, even if you do not have a vacation in the summer.
Where to go to relax in Belarus at this time? Well, if you are a lucky person who has got a summer vacation, then in June, for example, a great time for hikers and trips, as well as sightseeing trips to the most beautiful corners of Belovezhskaya Pushcha – the air is fresh and the sun is still not hot. You can go to famous historical places in Minsk, Mogilev or Vitebsk regions.
Rest in July is definitely better spent near a forest lake or river, for example, in one of the well-organized tourist centers, such as sanatoria “Sosnovy Bor” and “Yunost” in the Minsk region or “Ozerny” sanatorium in the Grodno region. All of them are open, by the way, all year round.
Active environmental tourism in August, you will again offer Belarusian tourist centers and recreation centers. Many days’ hiking with tents and overnight campfire in the open air is the dream of any traveler. But for supporters of comfortable rest in the vicinity of almost any regional center, there are always open numerous boarding houses or mini-hotels, rest homes and sanatoriums.
Autumn in Belarus. The best places to relax.
Deciding where to go to relax in Belarus in the autumn, it is worth to pay attention, first of all, to the medical and recreational aspects of recreation. After all, sanatoriums and hospitals in Belarus since the Soviet times are famous for their curative programs. For example, the sanatorium “Golden Sands” (Gomel region) is a speleological clinic, known far beyond the borders of the country, and the Radon health resort (Grodno region) is a recognized center of mud and hydrotherapy. The multi-profile sanatorium-preventive complex “Ozerny” near Grodno is also very popular. It’s crowded even in October, because it’s a wonderful and inexpensive spa resort with a great infrastructure.
Well, wishing to rest and get healthier as cheaply as possible, in a calm and comfortable environment – local boarding houses and sanatoriums are waiting in the second half of October and in November.
Spring vacation in Belarus.
As for spring, then the tourist program is very diverse and interesting. For example, in March, with the onset of warm spring days, you can devote your vacation to studying the history and sights of Belarusian monasteries and castles that have been preserved here since the Middle Ages. Far beyond the country are known, for example, the ancient castles of Mir and Nesvizh, belonging to the noble ancient family Radziwill.
Polesie, beauty and historical places of Brest, Grodno, Vitebsk and Minsk regions deserve special attention.
Rest in Belarus on the lakes.
Rest on the lakes is a real business card of Belarus. And they are insanely beautiful! Formed several thousand years ago, local lakes are rightfully a source of pride of local residents and popular tourist sites of numerous guests of the country. Among the most famous are Lake Naroch, as well as Sorochansky and Braslav Lakes. Where to go to relax in Belarus? Of course at the lake!
Naroch – perhaps, the most remarkable resort of Belarus. There are a lot of boarding houses, sanatoriums and rest homes here. In addition, next door is another resort center – “Blue Lakes”.
Braslavsky is a whole string of 50 lakes, the most beautiful of which are the Tsno, Drivyaty, Nespish, Pocekh, Nedrovo, Vojso, Strust and Bolojso. There is also a mass of resorts for every taste, including children’s, and also – wonderful fishing and the famous annual sailing regattas, which gather thousands and thousands of spectators.
Well Sorochansky lakes are a real find for lovers of pristine forests, untouched nature, breathtaking canyons and picturesque landscapes. The most beautiful lakes of the reserve are Tumskoye, Kaimenskoye, Yodi, Sparrows and Gubes. The water in Yodi and Gubez, for example, is so transparent that you can see everything a few meters deep. This is not only a matter of local pride, but also of close concern – here motor boats and other water transport are banned, even a boat requires special permission.
The most famous sanatoriums of Belarus.
In conclusion, we present the list of the most popular and prestigious sanatoriums in Belarus, where you can spend your vacation in one format and family, in any format. Where to go to rest in Belarus best?
First of all, the Vesta sports complex, located not far from Minsk, deserves a mention. Here there are not only buildings, but also separate cottages, popular both corporate rest, and programs of a day off, allowing to take a breath and to remove pressure of a working week.
Not far from Vitebsk, near Ilya Repin’s estate, there is a wonderful health center “Zheleznyaki”. A diverse sports and entertainment program is offered by the sanatorium “Isloch” in the Minsk region. Quite a decent holiday you will be offered a sanatorium “Nadzeya” located in the tract “Pine Forest” of the Brest region or a health-improving boarding house “Naftan” near Polotsk.
At the Zaslavsky Reservoir, which is called the Minsk Sea, in the most beautiful pine forest, the sanatorium “Praleska” is considered a recognized resting place. Just 6 km from the capital you will get a full rest with mineral waters and mud baths.
In the Ruzhanskaya Pushcha in the north of the Brest region there is a beautiful sanatorium “Ruzhansky”. Here there is an excellent infrastructure, beautiful castles and manors nearby, the famous Zhirovichi Uspensky Monastery, and Belovezhskaya Pushcha. The complex itself is located on the shore of the beautiful Lake Papernia.
No less attention is also paid to the “Silver Keys” health complex (area of 32 hectares!), As well as the sanatorium “Chaborok” in the village of Pavlinovo and “Chenki” near Gomel. And this list, believe me, you can continue and continue.
But whatever resort you choose, and for whatever month your vacation falls, it is important not to forget that local resorts and health resorts are open for tourists all year round, so you can always improve your health, get strength and have a great rest!