Where to go for the weekend: Vitebsk.
As in any regional center, there are two realities in Vitebsk: a boring province, where no institution is located. bad taste, that neither shop & ndash; then Vitebsk products & raquo ;. And Vitebsk & ndash; city of miracles. We will go to the second.
Get to Vitebsk better by trains. The ticket will cost 40 000 & ndash; 60 000 rub. Feel free to choose a night flight & ndash; leaving Minsk at 23:00 on Friday, at the destination you will be at 7:35 on Saturday. Just remember: on weekends crowds of hungry students are sent from the capital home to eat their mother’s borsch, so it’s better to buy tickets in advance. Preferably & ndash; during the week.
Close to the center is the hostel Kh.O. , it can be chosen as an overnight stay. Although it is possible to stay in “Vitebsk Hotel & raquo; , & la Lucce & raquo; or “Golden calf” & raquo; . Prices: 300,000 & ndash; 400 000 per night in a single room. And you can rent a room in the hotel & laquo; Eridan & raquo; and pass away the night in the bed on which Pugacheva slept or who is worse. & ndash; during the “Slavs” & raquo; here spend the night the most famous celebrities.
The first day. Immersion.
It’s best to go by minibus on Vitebsk & ndash; they are many, they often go, they cost only 5000 rubles. and, in general, compensate for the lack of metro station. But only with the presence of immunity to “Retro FM & raquo; and the chanson: the Vitebsk route-makers are so harsh that you fall out of every second car, mechanically singing something like “Eh, Zinka, Zinka, Zinochka & raquo; or “My Bro, Marian & raquo ;.
The trams are especially good in Vitebsk, among which there are still rattling representatives of the Soviet times: on such a ride through the bridge across the Dvina River & ndash; that’s still romance!
Getting to know the city is best starting from its historical center & ndash; pedestrian street of Suvorov. Here is the main symbol of Vitebsk & ndash; city hall. In addition, nearby are the most comfortable places, where you can taste delicious and inexpensive snack.
For example, a drink in & laquo; Coffee House & raquo; or in the newly baked & laquo; Biscuit & raquo; morning coffee with pie. Fans of a tight breakfast can wrap in the “Vitebsk Restaurant & raquo; , the menu of which includes not only a rich beer card, but also lean dishes. Saturday is best to devote to city tours, so set yourself up right away: you’ll have to walk a lot and long.
Western Dvina, Luces and Vitba & ndash; three major Vitebsk rivers. Last and gave the name of the city. In Vitebsk there is a fountain in the form of three not very attractive naked women & ndash; the author saw the above-named rivers. The fountain was built on the site of the church of St. Anthony, blown up by the order of the Soviet authorities in the 1940s.
By the way, Vitebsk suffered a lot during the struggle against the opium for the people & raquo; . Today, the Annunciation and Resurrection churches and the Assumption Cathedral have been restored. The latter emerges as a white ship to meet everyone who came to Vitebsk and from the station is guided along the Kirovsky Bridge to the center.
For the first time in the annals Vitebsk is mentioned in 974. It is believed that founded by his Kiev princess Olga. However, the main historical character of Vitebsk is still the Grand Duke Olgerd. With him, the GDL significantly expanded its borders and reached its peak.
Whom only in Vitebsk did not happen: for example, Napoleon. It is rumored that he was carried away by one Vitebsky and stayed in the city longer than planned, which subsequently led to the failure of his Russian campaign. The emperor stayed at the Governor’s Palace (the building remained to this day). There is also a monument to the winners in the war of 1812.
It’s enough to walk a couple of steps from the palace, as you will find yourself at the entrance to the Vitebsk Zoo. But it’s better not to go there & ndash; yearning for what he saw, may have to be treated with alcohol. And not one day. So better go to the Assumption Cathedral. It is located on the Assumption Hill & ndash; a kind of observation platform of Vitebsk. From there you can go down the stairs down to the National Academic Theater named after Yakub Kolas. On the way, attention will inevitably be attracted by the dwarf Pushkin. It’s enough to go a little to the left & ndash; and you will find yourself at the building of the Vitebsk Puppet Theater & la Lalka & raquo ;.
Chagall and the company.
On the Assumption Hill there is also the Art Center of Marc Chagall. Here you can find some of his works. A great artist in the city is loved and honored. In the fall of 2012 almost every creative person in the city tried on himself the image of the Vitebsk national of the beginning of the 20th century, participating in the filming of the film by A. Mitta & la Chagall-Malevich & raquo; .
The Spirit of Chagall is impregnated by Zadvinje & ndash; historical part of the city. There are a lot of memorial houses of the XIX & ndash; beginning of XX century. They say that the center of Minsk once was the same. Here, and Pokrovskaya Street, which houses the Marc Chagall House Museum.
The street looks, to put it mildly, not very; and in the museum, count, only pictures and remind of the master. The guide will tell you monotonously that, in the corner, on the stove, there was usually a small Mark & raquo ;. But still getting into the museum costs & ndash; at least in order to pay tribute to the genius of the artist. And who knows, maybe from an old mirror in one of the rooms you will see the good sad eyes of the master.
Although each time their heroes. Now the city is running a street art Merchandise (in the world & ndash; Maxim Samosevich). Thanks to him, to feel lonely in the city is impossible & ndash; his kind birds are “hiding” & raquo; everywhere: under bridges, on the walls of residential and abandoned buildings, in yards and on playgrounds.
If you return to Suvorov street and go up, sooner or later you will find yourself on Lenin Square. It is this place as honey is smeared for foreign tourists & ndash; opposite the Vitebsk regional philharmonic society with an outstretched hand is still standing Vladimir Ilyich. However, in the Park of Partisan Glory named after Minaia Shmyreva (located opposite the square) you will meet & laquo; meeting & raquo; with another, but much more pleasant, Vladimir & ndash; Korotkevich, the legendary author & laquo; Dzikaga of the carol of Stach, raka & raquo ;.
One of the symbols of the city & ndash; & laquo; Three bayonets & raquo; & ndash; a majestic memorial complex in honor of the Soviet soldiers-liberators, partisans and underground workers of Vitebsk region, is located in front of Victory Square. It is to him the bridegrooms are born on the wedding day of brides, and the lonely hearts of all orientations and religions & ndash; hope for a meeting with his second half.
After walking, you can prepare for an evening rest. In Vitebsk, there are enough places for cultural leisure, but the choice must be taken responsibly, otherwise you risk being in an institution with leopard upholstery on chairs and chanson as a musical arrangement.
We have plenty of good places. If you want to drink a beer and smoke a hookah & ndash; you in the Black Forest & raquo; . In & quot; Zhuravinka & raquo; live music, in & la Golden Calf & raquo; & ndash; excellent bowling lanes. Prices for beer in the city are the same: 20 000 – 30 000 rub. for a glass.
Fans of dancing with students can go in & laquo; Zebru & raquo; ; Clubs No Limit and the Planet & raquo; slightly different class & ndash; designed for the public with money. But keep in mind: the latter is known not only by three dance floors, but also by aggressive guards. As for “Energy” & raquo; , one of the largest clubs in Eastern Europe, it is better to go there only for a tick. The club is famous for its uncomfortable dance floor, base music and strange audience. Average price tag for Vitebsk for entering the club & ndash; from 30 000 to 40 000 rubles.
But you simply have to visit the holy saints for intellectuals, creative personalities and simply mods, the Mecca of informal Vitebsk partying & ndash; Beatles Club & laquo; Loft & raquo; . Only here for one meter of space there are five artists, three musicians, two choreographers and a journalist. After all, if you did not get drunk with a cocktail of cola and “Black Knight”, you did not risk to roll your neck, drifting down the stairs in a drunken frenzy, did not dance rock’n’roll and fell asleep, curled up helplessly on the couch under the roof & laquo; Attic & raquo ;, & ndash; you were not in Vitebsk, baby!
Second day. On shopping.
Having slept after a stormy night, you can go shopping. Just remember: Vitebsk borders with the Russian Federation, therefore, unlike Minsk, Grodno or Brest, with shops of fashionable and inexpensive European brands, we have a tad, and sales & ndash; quite a rare phenomenon.
However, in the most important place for shopping & ndash; TC Marco-City & raquo; (in the & pyramid & raquo; as people call it) & ndash; you can find INCITY, Oggi, Kira Plastinina, LAKBI. Of course, prices are sometimes awful, but the choice is decent. We also have other shopping centers like the ‘Continent’, ‘Evicom’, ‘Bela’, & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & rquo; . For example, in the latter there is a store for Brands for friends with things from Belarusian and St. Petersburg designers. Also beloved in the city & laquo; Happy things & raquo; & ndash; a stronghold of local artisans, hand-made artists and young designers.
If you decide to buy Vitebsk brands like “KIM & raquo ;, & laquo; The Banner of Industrialization & raquo; and “Marco”, then it would be good for you to know that, for example, Kim’s socks do not have fame. But in the shops & laquo; you can find great men’s outerwear, especially if you are not particularly keen on the mainstream, but want to look good. The girls here can pick up a great dress in style & laquo; Breakfast at Tiffany’s & raquo ;.
There are design shops in Vitebsk & Showroom & raquo; and Rada Style. But in general it is difficult for young designers in the city: the wages of Vitebsk citizens are low, the demand for authorial products is small. Previously, in the & laquo; tech & raquo; & ndash; the main supplier of Belarusian fashion designers & ndash; there was a store of author’s things, but in 2008 it was closed. Although happiness can still be tried today: for example, to look for their products in the “Vitebsk fashion house” & raquo; .
Well, do not forget about the Vitebsk department store: here is a quality and in some places a foreign assortment. What to say that here you can buy Led sneakers or almost branded Ray Ban for 50 000 rubles. & ndash; by the form of the original, only Turkish.
And yes: while in Vitebsk, buy shoes in & laquo; Marco & raquo ;. Shoes of European manufacturers can also be searched in & laquo; Marco-City & raquo ;, but do not count Baldinini. Although in the “Round House” raquo; on Moskovsky Prospekt, 31a there is a stock shoe store Centro with a large selection of shoes worth 50,000 rubles. for a couple. In the city there is a network of drains and second-hand clothes & one hundred styles & raquo; .
And wrap it in the Polotsk market. Only here, on the other side of the tents and shopping malls, you can find an incredible number of clochards, junkies and crazy calls of shareholders of all stripes.
In addition, not far from the Polotsk market stands the unusual and very beautiful to the Church of St. Barbara.
It is better to return to the capital by train & la Vitebsk-Grodno & raquo; (from Vitebsk starts at 18:50, in Minsk will be at 23:50). Time to put yourself in order and get enough sleep before the working week is enough.
in general in Vitebsk it is good, and “guide” has turned out absolutely so-so.
Thanks for the article, I’m interested.
Vitebsk, Vitebsk, Vityabich – everything about the inhabitants of the city. the zubrity of the match.
One appointed from Minsk a large official, very embarrassed that he will have to manage the “bljany”
and in an orderly order, Vitebsk residents tried to call us.
Since then, it has become a rule, people who have come in large numbers proudly call themselves Vitebsk residents, and old-timers are old-fashioned, Vitebsk.
By the way, the word Vitebsk was emphasized, as written with an error, and Viteblians do not!
I am sure that we will return there again.
Be sure to go, you will not regret 🙂
The article is really dry, and suggestions like “spoil the night in the bed on which Pugacheva slept or who is worse”, “spoil the impression”, “There is a fountain in Vitebsk in the form of three not very attractive naked women – the author saw the above-named rivers.” – this is at least disrespectful, and just plain ugly.
Ah, those 17-year-old maximalists with “perfectionist paralysis” (c) – wanted to have a friendly and paternal kiss on the forehead. Shagal would say “sharman”!
she now has the status of a * perfectionist paralysis *
as you elegantly beat the accusation of wantonness and adolescent maximalism, bravo.
About minibuses with a chanson and dumb places – they are in bulk in Minsk! I do not understand the tone of this article. Through the word it is emphasized that this is a “province”. What kind of complexes? Perhaps the author was (a) not in the mood when he wrote (a).
Be kind to watch for yourself, and not to give me diagnoses like “lack of knowledge”.
Conclusion – I want to go, as soon as it gets warmer, but I will not be guided by this opus. But I liked the previous regional centers in general.
Plans for Thursday: go to the architectural TEDxMinsk.
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