Where to fall in search of happiness? 🙂
Here are the top 10 options. The choice is yours.
The happiness of a person consists of different factors, like the happiness of an entire people. If we talk about the level of happiness in countries, it is believed that it depends on the government, income and mental health of the population. Here are 10 countries in which, according to a well-known channel on the Travel Channel, people are the happiest.
In this country there is no army, the average life expectancy here is 79.3 years, and the inhabitants are surrounded by such beautiful nature that it simply can not help but cheer up.
Instead of a long winter for five months, you will find beaches, rainforests and great weather most of the time. In Costa Rica, there is a popular saying “Pura vida”, which means “life is beautiful & raquo ;.
According to the index of prosperity of the Legatum Institute Norway for five consecutive years, until 2013, ranked first among other Scandinavian countries. She also led the subindex of economics and social capital.
In Norway, one of the highest levels of GDP per capita per year is & mdash; about $ 54,947. By the degree of satisfaction with life Norwegians occupy the second place in the world. 95% of residents claim that they are happy to have freedom of choice, how to arrange their lives.
According to the World Values Survey (World Values Survey), 74% of Norwegians believe that other people can be trusted.
In 2013, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network released an overview of the happiest countries, and Denmark ranked first. Here are some data about this country, having folded which we will get an excellent environment for a happy life.
Denmark supports parents and young families, extending the paid leave time for childcare. Danish citizens receive medical care free of charge, they have total equality of sexes in any field, cycling is common, and citizens have a sense of responsibility towards each other.
It seems that this is a set of unrelated factors. Nevertheless, they mean a lot for people’s welfare & mdash; equality, freedom and responsibility, motor activity and assistance from the state.
It would seem that the happiest citizens should reside in Thailand, the country of smiles & raquo ;. Nevertheless, the highest worldwide index of happiness (Happy Planet Index) in Asian countries is registered in Vietnam.
According to the Travel Channel, the rapidly developing country has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in the last 20 years. Citizens of Vietnam are satisfied with what they have, and the overall level of satisfaction in the country is quite high.
In this country you will find quiet beaches, excellent climate, fast growing cities and delicious food.
In the Forbes article on the happiest and most miserable countries in 2013, Canada was named the first in terms of freedom and the third in education.
In Canada, a long life expectancy, high incomes and reliable social ties. Well, we do not get used to cold winters.
In Colombia you will find excellent coffee and a sea of national holidays. This country is the second in the world by their number (18 public holidays, and we only have 12).
In addition, Colombia has a wonderful diverse nature of several climatic zones: mountain climate and tropical forests, savannah and desert.
There are excellent conditions for work and a high level of security in the labor sphere. At the same time, the Dutch are able to find a balance between work and life, due to which their satisfaction with life is high enough: it reaches 9.0 according to Bloomberg.com.
Live surrounded by the world’s largest barrier reef, lead a relaxed & laquo; Caribbean & raquo; Lifestyle and enjoy a mild climate all year round & mdash; that’s what awaits you in Belize. In addition, several cultures coexist peacefully and harmoniously in this country.
If after moving you plan to do business, choose Sweden. According to Forbes, there is a lot of freedom and opportunities for entrepreneurship in this Scandinavian country.
Startups are relatively cheap, and a high degree of interpersonal trust and a culture based on individualism only raise the level of happiness in the country.
This country is in the shadow of popular tourist destinations in Guatemala and Mexico, but its residents are quite happy with what they have.
In El Salvador, you are waiting for friendly neighbors, delicious food and beautiful beaches, not filled with tourists. They lead a relaxed life, and the fact that El Salvador is not very popular with Americans and Europeans leaves good opportunities for business. (from)