Where same-sex marriages are allowed and forbidden: the list of countries.
The modern, especially the European, community of people’s rights are treated very widely. It is forbidden to discriminate against any of them, including on the basis of sexual orientation.
Therefore today on the globe you can find places where official registration of same-sex unions is allowed. However, in many states the view on marriage issues remains traditional. About what is a homosexual union, and also in what countries are legalized same-sex marriages, we will tell further.
What is same-sex marriage.
Usually, marriage means a free, equal and voluntary union, concluded between women and men.
Traditionally, it is designed to connect people of different sexes. But an increasing number of foreign lawmakers allow their conclusion between persons of the same sex.
If earlier homosexuality was officially recognized as a disease by WHO, today sexual orientation is a personal affair of everyone.
In international law, agreements are adopted that do not discriminate on this basis, calling for loyalty to the choice of their sexual partner and life partner.
Established even a world day against such a phenomenon as homophobia.
It should be noted that the traditional official marriage of homosexual couples is not allowed anywhere. Unisex marriages exist and are registered in various forms. For example, such a relationship can take the form of a civil partnership. And it does not grant its participants the same rights as the official registration of relations.
Differences from classical marriages.
Undoubtedly, same-sex unions can not completely replace traditional marriages. This is impossible because of the traditions, cultural and religious characteristics of various states. In addition, from the physiological point of view, this pair will not be easy to solve the issue of procreation.
Homosexual marriages in many cases are still considered a deviation from the norm. After all, in the traditional sense, marriage can unite only people of the opposite sex.
From the legal point of view, such unions also have to be difficult.
Today, around the world, different views have been formed on the legalization of relations of homosexual couples.
Some of the world powers forbid relations and marriages of this kind, up to the application of the death penalty. Some states retain the traditional approach to creating a family, but no measures are applied to persons of a different orientation.
Part of the countries, despite the absence on their territory of the possibility of registering homosexual unions, recognize such marriages concluded outside their borders. A number of states allow homosexual unions in other forms.
And the most tolerant have allowed homosexual couples to officially register their relationship. In what countries are legalized same-sex marriages, and where strictly prohibited, we will consider further.
Countries that recognize such a union.
Countries where homosexual marriages are allowed are mostly located in the European part of the world. Many of them are participants of international agreements on the prevention of discrimination against homosexuals and the protection of their rights.
The Netherlands was the first country to allow same-sex marriages. The possibility of registering such relations has existed since 2001. The list of countries that allow same-sex couples to conclude ordinary marital unions, also fell:
Belgium (since 2003); Canada, Spain (since 2005); South Africa (since 2006); Norway (since 2009); Argentina, Portugal, Iceland, Sweden, (since 2010); Mexico (from 2010 to 2016); Denmark (since 2012); Uruguay, Brazil, France, New Zealand (from 2013); Luxembourg, USA, Slovenia, Ireland, Greenland, Japan (since 2015); Colombia, Faroe Islands (since 2016).
Ends the list in which countries gay marriage is allowed, Finland. Since March 2017, homosexual couples can marry and there. A number of states allow other forms of homosexual unions. They do not grant their partners the same rights as their spouses.
In different countries, their status is determined in different ways. Most often, restrictions apply to the upbringing (adoption) of children. These include:
In which countries are prohibited.
Most of the countries tolerant of homosexual marriages are European.
Eastern countries, India, Russia, other states with strong cultural and religious traditions do not belong to them.
Some of them refer to the so-called “minority” unions neutrally, others provide serious responsibility for such non-traditional relations.
So, let’s consider in which countries gay marriage is prohibited. These include almost all African countries, most Asian countries, countries of southern and central America, and Oceania.
By these states, alliances between persons of the same sex are not permitted and are not recognized.
In some of these countries, even severe penalties for homosexual relationships are being imposed. The most serious are stipulated:
At the same time in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan for homosexual relationships can even pay their lives. In this case, direct laws prohibiting such relations are not adopted by these countries.
They are guided, first of all, by religious norms, by the laws of “Sharia”. To hope for relaxation of the attitude to same-sex love of such countries in the near future is definitely not worth it.
What is the situation in Russia.
In the world today there are only 251 countries and only 25 of them allowed the registration of unions of same-sex couples on a par with the usual. Fifteen more are allowed to register their relations in a different order. The rest of the countries hold different views and advocate the preservation of traditional heterosexual marriages.
Above were given the countries in which same-sex marriages are allowed, and Russia is not included in their list. Indeed, the laws of the Russian Federation do not provide for the registration of unions of same-sex couples.
In the Family Code of the country, marriage is still only referred to as the union of a man with a woman. At the same time, Russia has not been directly banned from such relations, nor is it responsible for them.
However, homosexual unions concluded in other countries on the territory of our country are not legalized. Here, same-sex couples can not officially marry, adopt children, exercise other rights belonging to married couples.
In addition, Russia has not acceded to international conventions on these issues. The overwhelming majority of the Russian population today does not advocate the legalization of same-sex unions.
The conclusion.
With the legalization of same-sex unions in the world today, an ambiguous situation. On the one hand, over the last decade over twenty countries have legalized homosexual marriages. Some states allowed such unions to exist in the form of partnerships that differ from traditional marital unions. On the other hand, in many countries there is still a negative attitude towards this issue.
A number of states not only prohibit marrying same-sex people, but also punishes them for homosexual relations. Russia does not impose a ban on homosexuality, but it does not give permission to register unions.