Where it is cheaper to live a student in the United States.
There is no universal answer to the question of where it is cheaper to live a student in the United States. Typically, in megacities arneda apartments are cheaper than a hostel, and in provincial towns & ndash; on the contrary. To study offers better before coming to the USA, and to rent housing & ndash; together.
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& mdash; “Everything about the United States.” Today I will answer the question of one of the subscribers: “How to save on housing a foreign student?”. But before answering this question, I want to announce that soon I will be interviewing about learning English from Karina Galayan. She is an expert in the field of special skills in English, and specializes in helping Russian speaking professionals speak English in record time without any mistakes in the Russian language. We will talk with her about learning English, and if you have any questions about her, you can write here in the comments, I will tell them to her. It will be soon.
And now, let’s move on to the issue of housing for foreign students. If you move to study from another country, then most likely the first semester you will live in a hostel, because you simply do not physically have time to rent an apartment if you do not have friends and acquaintances there. It will be very hard and expensive, because you just come, you will need to adapt, start going to university, and running around looking for an apartment the week before is hard, especially since you do not have a credit history, even the history of life in the US, work . Therefore, few people will give you an apartment. Therefore, count on the fact that the first semester you will live in a hostel. And then we need to look. I think, even before you move to the States to study, you need to decide where it’s cheaper, in a hostel or rent an apartment. How to search for prices for an apartment, I showed in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Inro0_9CSg. Here you can find prices for apartments in any city and state of America. Most often it will be cheaper for most universities to live in a hostel, but there are exceptions, especially for universities that are located in big cities, it may be cheaper not to live in a dormitory, but rent an apartment. For example, at the university where I studied, The New School, which is located in Manhattan, and the hostels there were more expensive than the students filmed in Brooklyn and Queens. Living in an apartment was much cheaper than in a hostel. In universities that are located in the suburbs, in the countryside, away from civilization, there, most likely it will be cheaper to live in a hostel. Prices for the hostel you will send along with a package of documents that you were accepted to the university, and then you should see for yourself how cheaper. Naturally, after you come to the university, start to learn, you, for sure, will find like-minded people with whom you could rent an apartment. Either it will be people from your country, or some other students. Most students rent an apartment for several people. They take a two-room apartment and live there together-three of us, it turns out cheaper than living alone in a hostel. But there is no one universal answer. Everything will depend on where your university is located, what prices there are for apartments, what kind of hostels. By the way, many universities help to find apartments, but it will most likely be more expensive than you will look for yourself and rent from private traders. Therefore, the universal answer, where to find a foreign student housing is cheaper, but do not expect that the first semester you will live in a hostel, and then you will look and see. The cheapest way to rent from private traders, which areas are cheaper, you will understand on the spot. It is better to even explore the city and the suburbs before you arrive, to see approximately where it is better to shoot.
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Moving to the US is difficult, but there are categories of people who can afford it:
& mdash; Investors. It is enough to invest from 1 million dollars and after 2 years all family members will receive permanent resident status (EB-5 visa).
& mdash; You can also open a branch of an existing company in America or buy a ready business in the US (from $ 100,000). This will give you the right to obtain a working visa L-1, which can be exchanged for a green card.
& mdash; Famous athletes, musicians, writers and other extraordinary people can move on a working O-1 visa.
& mdash; In case of oppression by the state for religious, political reasons or humiliation because of belonging to gay minorities, you can request political asylum in the US (asylum).
& mdash; Short-term can be located in the US tourist visa B1 / B2.
& mdash; You can also get a second higher education in the United States, after studying for 1-3 years.
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