Where in Kharkov live well: the townspeople named the best and worst districts.
The Kharkovites showed their districts. The first place in the rating was occupied by Pavlovo Pole area as the optimal place for living. The district turned out to be the only one that its residents have never rated negatively.
These are the results of a sociological survey of the laboratory of PR-technologies & laquo; Luman Group & raquo ;. In the poll, which took place from 1 to 9 April, 400 Kharkov residents from all districts of the city at the age of 18 took part.
Respondents were to evaluate their area of residence in eight categories: prestige, cleanliness, security, availability of recreational facilities, a contingent of residents of the area, the development of transport and social infrastructure, as well as the convenience of making various purchases. Citizens of the city assessed non-administrative-territorial units, and informal, cultural-historical residential areas.
In addition, Kharkov’s were named the most prestigious and least prestigious, the safest and the most criminal, the richest and poorest, and also the cleanest and dirty areas.
The best Kharkiv residents appreciated the Nagorny district (Center, Shatilovka). It was named by the townspeople as the most prestigious (48.5%), clean (46%), rich (55.75%) and safe (39%). Among the rest of the townspeople respond positively to the residential areas of the Dzerzhinsky district. Pavlovo Field and Alekseyevka took the leading positions among the most prestigious (26% / 8%), safe (16.5% / 13.5%), clean (14.5% / 8%) and rich (21.5%, / 5.25%).
Leader of anti-rating & raquo; can be considered HTZ. 51.5% of respondents named it the most criminal district, 26.5% – the least prestigious, 10.25% – the most dirty.
Among other territories that were awarded unflattering characteristics, there are small residential areas located in the Oktyabrsky, Leninsky and Chervonozavodsky districts. The most typical representative is Moskalevka.
In addition, during the survey, the citizens were asked to choose the area in which they would like to move. About 40% of respondents indicated their current district of residence. Among those who indicated it was not their own district, the Center, Dzerzhinsky, Kiev and Moscow districts also enjoyed the greatest popularity. The townspeople do not want to move to KhTW, Rogan, Saltovka, Bavaria, Moskalevka, Sorting and Zalyutino.
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