Where can I easily and quickly move from Russia to permanent residence?
The problem of changing permanent residence has worried the Russians in recent years more and more often. Not the least role here was played by the general economic situation in the country and the world.
Asking where it is easy and quick to move from Russia to permanent residence, it is necessary to know the specifics of the migration policy of individual countries, as well as the standard of living and security of migrants.
How to choose a country suitable for moving to permanent residence for you.
When choosing a country to move to permanent residence, it is recommended that the following criteria be taken into account:
Possibility of employment. At the same time, it is necessary to study the issue, first of all, of employment taking into account the received education, work experience and general qualification. Or consider the types of seasonal jobs or occupations that do not require special skills. Determine the purpose of migration. So in a number of countries it is easier to move with the purpose of further employment, and in others – for education. The national language and requirements for the level of its ownership. For moving to some countries it will be sufficient to know only English, in others – knowledge of the national dialect is required. All language skills are confirmed in the exam. Quality of life in the selected country. In shaping the standard of living of the population, the level of wages, as well as security, is not the least important. Religion. So, for example, the way of life in the Muslim state is radically different from the Russian one. Climatic conditions. The factor is important for people with health problems. People suffering from bronchial asthma or heart disease should study the climatic and environmental conditions of the selected country in more detail. Tolerance of attitude towards migrants. Some countries, such as Australia, give migrants almost the full range of rights available to the local population. In other countries – the standard of living of a migrant, his involvement in social processes will be hampered by the attitude of the authorities and the local population towards him. Features of the education system. This factor is important, above all, for those who plan to move with children. And also to those whose main task is & # 8212; get education in the chosen country.
There are various ratings of countries that are most preferable for moving to permanent residence in 2017.
Leading positions in terms of quality of life belong to such countries:
Norway is the undisputed leader on the quality of life of the local population. A country of high wages and a wide range of social guarantees. A country that you can not call moving to. Switzerland – the stability of the economy, the high quality of life of the population – what makes this country desirable for relocation. But the peculiarities of the migration policy of the state determine the limits for the entry of foreigners, which makes it virtually closed for those who wish to move to Switzerland for permanent residence. Canada – an example of a country that meets the requirements of quality of life, loyal attitude to migrants, the level of the educational system. The economy of this state was built by the forces of migrants from different countries. The easiest way is to move to Canada for professionals in various fields of activity.
Countries where it is easier to move from Russia.
1. New Zealand. The country is one of the five most attractive countries for life after Norway, Switzerland and Canada. The ease of moving is conditioned by the desire of the authorities to ensure the presence of professionals in various fields of economy and industry in the country. Those wishing to move to the most environmentally friendly state should be fluent in English and be highly qualified in their professional field.
2. The Czech Republic. Popularity among migrants this country has won, thanks to the following factors:
The similarity of Russian and Czech languages, the minimal language barrier promotes more rapid adaptation in the country, and also simplifies the process of learning the national language. Relative availability of housing prices, as well as in general for basic necessities and products. Climatic conditions similar to the central Russian regions.
3. Latvia. To date, many Russian-speaking residents already live here, which alleviates the language barrier. Another factor that facilitates the move is the price policy making the purchase of real estate in Latvia affordable.
The main methods of emigration.
Reunification with the family, including marriage. This method makes it possible to move to permanent residence in almost any country, but the most simplified conditions, for example, for those who marry are countries like Spain and Ireland, where citizenship can be obtained after 12 months of being married. And in Portugal, the acquisition of citizenship is possible immediately after the registration of the marriage, though, provided that the national language is known. Investing in the economy. Different countries offer their minimum amount of investment. In Europe, the least amount of investment – 150 000 euros – # 8212; it is assumed in Italy. Acquisition of immovable property. If you want to use this method, you should pay attention to Poland, Hungary, Spain and Cyprus. Employment. In any country, professionals are valuable. In a number of countries, these are professionals in narrowly defined spheres. For example, engineers in Japan. In other countries (Canada, Australia, New Zealand), the list of qualified specialists is quite wide. Plus, special programs are offered for workers of different industries. Doing Business. For those who have the opportunity and the desire to organize their own business or invest in a joint venture, it is worth paying attention to the Czech Republic, which is distinguished by a loyal attitude towards beginning entrepreneurs. Emigration for the purpose of education. Getting an education in the chosen country is a real chance for students to gain a foothold in the chosen state. The most suitable countries for such immigrants are Germany, Australia or Poland. When choosing a country, it is necessary to take into account the cost of training, the possibility of formal employment for the period of study, as well as the conditions for further residence after graduation.
Knowledge of the basic methods of immigration, as well as a clear assessment of their capabilities and wishes will help to choose the country where to move from Russia to permanent residence will be easier for each individual.
More video tips for choosing a country for moving: