When buying a property, a residence permit.
11 countries that give residence permits for the purchase of real estate.
To obtain a five-year residence permit for a foreigner, it is necessary to invest at least 143 thousand euros in real estate in the territory of Riga or the adjacent region or 71,5 thousand euros in housing in other municipalities of the country. After the receipt of the residence permit, the investor (the owner of the immovable property) will have to annually confirm his rights to the property claimed. In five years, the investor will receive the right to register a permanent residence permit.
Where to buy real estate and get a residence permit.
Residence permit in Bulgaria, a Russian citizen can get if he registers a representative office of a foreign company in Bulgaria. Another option is to invest in Bulgaria in the amount of more than 50 000 euros.
There is one more point for Russians. Residence permit can receive Russian pensioners & # 8212; owners of an apartment or a house in Bulgaria.
For pensioners there is a special program for the move.
VNZH in the European Union through the purchase of real estate.
The government took a multi-billion loan and immediately thought about attracting investors for a refund.
The Portuguese offered 3 options: to buy real estate for 500 thousand euros or 350 thousand for the purchase of secondary housing, to put on a bank account 1 million euros or to open an enterprise where at least 10 local citizens will work.
The most popular was the offer with real estate.
How to obtain a residence permit in Europe when buying real estate or business immigration.
As with obtaining a residence permit in Ireland, the availability of real estate is an additional condition affecting the decision of the authorities. At the same time, the conditions for obtaining residence permit in Hungary are more affordable than in most EU countries and do not require such significant expenses, which sometimes reach 1 million euros (for Ireland, Great Britain).
The residence permit in Cyprus is quite promising, considering that in 2018 the country plans to join the European Union.
When buying a property, a residence permit.
But there is one very significant point: the Latvian legislation does not guarantee the acquisition of citizenship when buying real estate of the required value & # 8212; it just gives you the right to claim a Latvian passport.
And, as practice shows, sometimes Latvians use this loophole.
Recall that in February this year, the authorities formally refused to grant a residence permit in Latvia to the former mayor of Moscow, Yuri Luzhkov, despite the fact that he fulfilled all the requirements of the law to applicants for a residence permit.
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Another thing is that with such a budget in Montenegro you will not clear up. In terms of the cost of housing, the country has never been cheap.
If to speak about coast, the unpretentious apartment on “secondary housing” here more often costs more � 1000 for sq. M. Although now the situation is just on your side.
In recent years, the market is experiencing stagnation, and many sellers, to attract rare buyers, reduce prices.
Can I get a residence permit in Russia when buying an apartment?
In the world there are several states in which, when buying any real estate, you can easily get a residence permit, which is another step towards acquiring a second citizenship. In one of the previous articles, we described similar practices in Turkey, Bulgaria, Latvia, Panama, St. Kitts, the Dominican Republic and the United Arab Emirates.
Russia is not included in the list of states that provide a residence permit in exchange for the purchase of an apartment or a house.
At the same time, as the experts of the portal “Meter Square” note, there are no serious restrictions for a foreign citizen in concluding a transaction for the acquisition of real estate on the territory of our country.
To obtain a residence permit in Russia, a foreigner must live here for at least one year in the status of a temporary resident.
Only citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreigners who are invited to work in the Russian Federation as highly qualified specialists are not required to obtain a temporary residence permit.
Why is the residence permit so important to many?