When and where NOT to go to rest in the summer.
In summer everyone goes to the sea. On the advertising brochures the sun always shines and the palms grow green, but there is something that the travel agents keep silent about. Skyskaner figured out which countries sweat the most tourists in the summer, there is a hell of heat and storms of hurricanes.
Where not to go to rest in the summer.
Do not want to read about how bad things are? Here are the ideal countries for holidays, where the sun shines in the summer, the gentle sea splashes and you can always find a secluded beach.
Why not go to the UAE in summer: the heat that only camels can endure.
From Russian tourists to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there is no enduring year round. Only here is the season of holidays in Russia and the season of good weather in the UAE do not coincide, and summer is the worst season for holidays in the Emirates.
All summer residents of the UAE are hiding in air-conditioned rooms or escape from heat to other countries. In July and August, the air temperature in Dubai jumps to +49 � C. The sea is usually warmer than +30 � C, and by August it is warming up to +37 � C. Swim in such water frankly unpleasant, and sunbathing on beaches with an index of ultraviolet 11 – harmful.
When it’s better to go to the UAE: October or November.
Why not go to India in the summer: rains and stuffiness.
In July-August, central India is flooded with heavy rains, which often wash away roads. For example, a few years ago, prolonged downpours almost thwarted preparations for the Commonwealth Games – the Olympics for former British colonies in Delhi.
The popular tourist city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan floods almost every summer. In addition, because of downpours, rivers can come out of the shores, and therefore, many cities on the banks of the Ganges – for example, in Rishikesh or Varanasi – can not be reached.
When it is better to go to India: from November to April.
Why not go to Cuba in the summer: strong hurricanes.
For August-September in the Caribbean falls the peak of the hurricane season. It affects many countries: from Cuba and Mexico to small islands such as Curacao and Grenada. During the season, 10-12 storms occur with a wind speed of 60 km / h, half of which doubles the speed and develops into storms. Strong hurricanes in Cuba can lead to real natural disasters like “Sandy” and “Dolly.”
Weather in Cuba in the summer is not always rainy, but the likelihood of getting into a hurricane is great. Do not spare money for good insurance, which covers the delay and cancellation of flights due to weather conditions. Alternatively, you can relax on the Atlantic coast of South America or the southern Caribbean islands, which are less at risk.
When it’s better to go to Cuba: November-March.
Why not go to Spain at the end of summer: the season of holidays in August – a lot of people.
The Spaniards have an unwritten law – to go on vacation in August. Because of the surge in domestic tourism, prices in hotels in tourist places are jumping several times, and many small cafes and shops are closed for holidays: their owners go on vacation themselves. Large Spanish cities in August are empty, but on beaches, especially in the Valencia, Murcia and Malaga, there is nowhere to spread the mat.
When it is better to go to Spain: in June and July or September.
Why not have to go to Egypt in the summer: an eye-popping heat in the center of the country.
Summer Egypt is generally suitable for beach holidays: the climate is relatively mild along the coast. But the continental part from June to August is not recognized: the air temperature is confidently selected to +40 � C. At this time of year, trips to Luxor or Aswan become a test of endurance, not to mention walking around the dusty and stuffy Cairo. It is better to forget about trips to the interior of the country, for example, to the White Desert.
When it is better to go to Egypt: autumn or spring.
Why not go to Thailand in the summer: some resorts are possible rains.
The rainy season in Thailand is not so terrible as it is painted. But if you plan to spend the whole week lying on the beach under the sun, you will be disappointed: showers do happen. The degree of humidity depends on the place: in some resorts only the overcast sky and rains in the morning, on the other – waters knee-deep. The strongest in the summer usually floods the islands of Phuket and Chang, as well as the province of Krabi, but on Samui from June to August, it is often sunny and dry.
When it’s better to go to Thailand: in January-March.
Why not go to Jordan in the summer: unbearable heat.
The Wadi Rum desert and the rocky city of Petra are for what it’s worth to come to Jordan. But in the summer you will feel here, as in a hot skillet. Wandering the ancient ruins in July-August for forty-degree heat – not only exhausting, but also dangerous for health.
In Amman, the climate is softer, but extreme heat is not uncommon. For example, in July-August 2010, a couple of weeks kept the temperature at +45 � C. Moving around the city could only be short dashes between cafes and shops.
When it is better to go to Jordan: in February-March, when the temperature does not rise above +30 � C.
Why not go to the Philippines in the summer: rains and typhoons.
The rainy season in the Philippines starts in June and ends in November. Strong downpours make the sea a dirty puddle – you can forget about diving. In July-August, typhoons come: you risk staying for a whole vacation in the hotel or getting stuck in the airport due to cancellation of the flight. Least in the summer, it pours on the island of Bohol, but in August it’s hard not even there: the sky is filled with lead, and the rain constantly drizzles.
When it is better to go to the Philippines: from February to April.
Why not go to the Seychelles in summer: cloudy and strong winds.
Seychelles is always comfortable. But in the summer on paradise islands the weather is not ideal: the sky is covered with clouds, so do not expect to bring a lot of vivid photos. The main problem for tourists – strong winds and troubled sea. It’s dangerous to swim, an hour’s walk on the boat can turn into real flour, not to mention the journey between the islands on the ferry.
When it is better to go to the Seychelles: in May and in the autumn.
Why not go to Turkey in summer: the darkness of tourists after Ramadan.
Turkey is considered a secular state, but the tradition of traveling after the holy Muslim holiday of Ramadan is as alive here as in the UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan. During the fast, many institutions, cafes and transportation work part-time. Immediately after the end of the fast, regardless of religion, everyone goes to rest. At this time, the prices for hotels are growing, air tickets are sold out in advance, and the beaches are crowded with people. The dates of Ramadan change every year: you can find the “timetable” in Wikipedia.
When it is better to go to Turkey: in September or October.
Why not go to Italy at the end of summer: holidays in August.
From the point of view of weather in Italy in the summer it is possible to go without problems. Complexities can arise only at the end of summer and for another reason: on August 15 the whole country marks Ferragosto, or the Assumption of the Virgin. At this time, many Italians are taking a vacation or a long weekend.
During the holidays, large cities are dying out, and resort towns on the contrary – are overflowing. While in metropolitan areas are closed jelotheries and restaurants, on the beaches of the needle there is nowhere to fall. On the other hand, it is a good opportunity to look at the magnificent Italian architecture without crowds of people.
When it is better to go to Italy: in June and July or in the autumn.
How not to spoil your summer vacation.
Do not fly to Muslim countries in Ramadan and immediately after it. Avoid flights in August, on weekends and the first days of the month. Book tickets for the summer no later than 2.5 months before departure. Rest in summer in Asia, where from June to August low season, prices fall, but you can always find a resort with beautiful weather. Choose unpopular destinations with a high season in the summer – for example, the wonderful island of Madagascar.
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