When a Russian needs a visa to Jamaica and how to apply for it.
Jamaica is the first independent English-speaking country in the Caribbean.
Visit Jamaica – a dream of many Russian travelers. Someone wants to bask on the beach, and someone fully experience the charm of life in the tropics. Depending on who the traveler is and what he intends to do on arrival, the procedure for issuing an entry permit is being developed.
Whether such a document is required for Russians in 2018 depends on the purpose of the trip, its duration. So, for a tourist visit within 30 days, a visa is not needed. For transit is also not required.
Visa-free entry.
The procedure itself is quite simple, but it must pass to all tourists. Pay in this case is not necessary, but the stamp in the passport for the memory of the visit to the island will remain.
What documents are needed when crossing the border.
The main thing is that a Russian should have a valid passport with him. If earlier the period of its application was not less than six months from the date of entry, now it is enough that it coincides with the day of the alleged departure from Jamaica.
The authorities will want to make sure that you leave the republic unhindered. For this, a return air ticket or a transit ticket with a visa to the departure point is presented.
It is important to confirm that the traveler has a place to stay. It is enough to show the availability of a reserved room in the hotel for all days before the departure date. That’s why with online booking, you must print out the confirmation and take it with you.
Treatment in Jamaica – expensive (doctor’s call – $ 30), so the availability of insurance policy is beneficial to the tourist. The authorities will not demand a document, but in case of illness or injury without it, it is very expensive to be treated.
You should have money to stay with you. Required minimum: $ 50 per each day. You can show cash or bank statement.
Customs control.
In this case, check not only the documents and the availability of money for living. It is important that tourists are traveling with them on their way to and from the country. You can have as many currencies as you want, you can not only export the national currency (Jamaican dollar). Inside the island in large stores you can pay with international payment cards, as well as traveler’s checks.
It is forbidden to import psychotropic, narcotic and poisonous substances, domestic animals. A dog, a cat and other pets will have to be left behind.
You can bring in 1.3 liters of strong alcohol and 1.3 liters of wine. Cigarettes can be no more than 200 pieces. Export of such products is allowed as much as desired, but importation into Russia is limited by customs regulations.
On the spot you can buy an exotic animal, antiques, crafts made of fur and leather. To take them with you is a right only if it is not prohibited to Russia, and with the proper registration of the customs declaration.
Entry with minors.
Children can visit the island only with adults. Until the age of 14, he enters with his parents or an accompanying person who has a notarized consent for the removal of a child from the Russian Federation.
After 14 years of age, your passport is required, as well as money at the rate of $ 50 per day on the island.
Stay in the country up to 90 days.
If you want to live here longer, a Jamaican visa will be required. You can arrange it on the spot – at the international airport in Kingston or in Montego Bay. Tourists will be asked questions about whether he intends to leave the country in 3 months. The registration fee is a consular fee ($ 20).
The visa regime also applies to those who would like to stay longer than 3 months.
Requirements for the traveler remain unchanged: hotel reservation, a return ticket with a fixed date, enough money for a living.
Service visa and visit at the invitation of a private person.
Not only tourists go to Jamaica, but also those who want to find a job. Someone may have relatives or friends here. To stay in the country for business purposes it is necessary to obtain a visa in the Embassy of Jamaica in Moscow. Its validity is 3 months, it makes it possible to stay on the island for 30 days.
The peculiarity of the official visa is that it is extremely difficult to bring a minor with them.
Therefore, children are better off by the most usual tourist visa (free). To travel passports are stricter, they must operate for at least 6 months from the time of their arrival in Jamaica. The rest of the package of documents is standard: hotel reservation, money on the account ($ 50 per person per day), return tickets.
Features of life in Jamaica.
Travelers choose to travel between December and April. In the rest of the year there is a rainy season, cyclones, hurricanes. The air temperature does not rise above +35 degrees, and the water averages about +26 � C. But to go out into the sun without a protective cream is strictly not recommended.
Exchange of currency for local dollars is possible only after arrival. But do not do this at the airport, as the most profitable rate will be in banking institutions. The time of their work is limited: from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 14:00 h. Friday is slightly longer: in the morning from 9 to 12 hours, and after lunch from 14:30 to 17:00.
Paying in any store US dollars for the change can only get local money. Also, ATMs will provide Jamaican dollars.
It is most convenient to travel around the island in a taxi – ordinary or route. The trip between neighboring towns lasting about half an hour will cost only $ 2.
The level of safety at the resorts along the coast is high, followed by police and special services. But outside the hotel alone without a guide, walking is not recommended.
Useful phone numbers and services.
The police: 119. First aid and the fire service: 110.
If the tourist makes out the insurance, then the address of the representation of the company-insurer should be found in Russia. For example, a place of rest is chosen by Montego Bay, and the office of the insurer in Kingston is inconvenient.
To Jamaica for permanent residence.
The easiest way is to get a Jamaican passport born on its territory. It does not matter whether his parents are from the island or not. If one of them is from Jamaica, then wherever a baby is born – he will be automatically given a passport.
Another way is to marry a local resident. In this case, the registration will cost $ 130, but it will take a lot of different documents.
Extremely negative authorities treat immigrants entering into fictitious marriages.
It’s enough just to get a residence permit for a businessman. After registration of the company and payment of the fee, you can freely stay on the island for 7 years, then the local MFA will consider the application for citizenship.
Specialists who are invited to work Jamaican companies can also get a residence permit. At the same time, their leader must send an invitation to the applicant, and in state bodies to justify why this job requires a foreigner.
Embassy of Jamaica in Moscow.
ul. Cow Val, 7, off. 70, 71. +7 (495) 237-2320, fax: +7 (495) 232-2818.
Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kingston.
ul. Norbrook Drive, 22. +1 (876) 924-1048, fax: +1 (876) 925-8290, [email protected], rejamaica.ru.
I never thought that it’s so easy to get to Jamaica. I’ve always dreamed of giving my parents a rest there (they traveled a lot in their youth), but they did not even get a chance to google a gun, which is necessary for this. Thanks to this article, I realized that everything is not so complicated and what documents are needed.