What to do with electricity and internet when moving.
The information below will not be relevant for those who live in WG, in other words, rent a room in an apartment where other students also live. Here, electricity, just like the Internet, it is not necessary to disconnect, because only you leave, all other tenants remain in the apartment.
Usually, the contract for the supply of your apartment with electricity, unlike a contract concluded with an Internet provider, is not burdened by any conditions that the minimum term for the provision of services is 2 years or the like.
Keep all the contracts that you conclude. It is generally a good idea to keep all important documents. You may need them, for example, if you refuse to use the services of a particular company.
When you leave the apartment, you should disconnect it from the electricity supply so that you do not receive electricity bills from the refrigerator or boiler, which heats the water in the bathroom. You can usually do this without leaving home. For this you will need:
contract with the electric company, readings of your counter / counters, connection to the Internet.
You go to the site of the electricity supplier company with which you have a contract for services, and you find there an item called “Strom Abmeldung” (termination of the electricity supply contract) or something similar. Then you are asked to fill out a special form, where you enter your client number, specified in your contract, meter readings and your personal data.
Go through all the steps in the procedure for disconnecting your apartment from electricity. Choose the date from which you want to disconnect. Confirm the correctness of the data you entered and click OK.
All right, now you do not have to worry about that you’ll be paying for someone’s burned after you leave the electricity. Usually you receive an email confirming the fact of filing a disconnect request with all the data you entered.
It is worth noting that, as a rule, the person entering after you has at his disposal 3 days to submit his application for connecting the apartment to the power supply network. So, if you do everything on time, it will not be the first few days of sitting without electricity.
With the Internet, as a rule, everything is simpler. This is if a new tenant comes into your apartment after you, if not, then there may be some problems, although they can usually be solved, too. Let’s figure it out.
Almost everywhere, connecting the Internet, you are faced with the fact that the contract contains a clause stating that “the minimum contractual term for using the Internet is 2 years”. To be afraid of this phrase is not necessary and now I will explain why.
You can just “take your internet with you.” Those. just call an Internet provider (fill out an application via the Internet) and inform about your move. And the move does not have to be within the same city. For example, the provider A1 is in Vienna, and in Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz – in fact, almost in all parts of Austria.
If the new location has the technical ability to connect to the Internet from your old provider, then everything is fine. In your contract will specify a new address and the countdown of 2 years on your contract will simply continue on. You may need to pay a one-time fee for connecting a new access point – these conditions vary from provider to provider.
In any case, specify about such service of “moving together with the Internet” at your provider of Internet services. Maybe he does not have such an opportunity or there are some special conditions for transferring your Internet contract to a new location.
The second option. If you already found a person who after you enter the apartment, then “take the Internet with him” is optional. You go to the website of your Internet provider and make out an application for transferring your contract for using Internet services to a new person. To do this, you will need some data from the new tenant (name, bank account information).
The transfer is usually carried out from the next month. However, keep in mind that if you had any bonuses or discounts on the services of the provider, then they will be transferred to the new person, tk. the contract will be reissued to it. You will be able to take bonuses and discounts with you only if you make the service “moving with the Internet”, described at the beginning of the item about the Internet.
In general, to do the foregoing is not so difficult. The main thing is, first, ask the relevant companies whether it is possible and how to transfer the contract for supplying the apartment with electricity and the Internet to a new person. Or, in the case of the Internet, to a new place of your residence.
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You also cancel the insurance policy # 8212; about this procedure you will be best told in the Gebietskrankenkasse of your city. In the magistrate, you do not need anything. If you do not extend the student’s residence permit on time, it will be automatically canceled. Nothing special to do this is not necessary.
Regarding the bank account & # 8212; under Austrian law only those who have a physical address in Austria can open and keep an account with an Austrian bank. However, you can try to negotiate special conditions with your manager. Try not torture.
Thank you very much, Alexander!
Hello. I’m going to move to Vienna for a long time, I want high-speed Internet, i.e. cable, but I can not understand from the providers where it can be connected, and where not because I want to rent a house in 13, 22, 23 districts and they usually sit on the WiFi modems and not the cable.
Who can enlighten where you can stretch the cable and where not?