What kind of visa will Megan Mark need to move to the UK?
Following the tremendous news of the engagement of Prince Harry with Ms Megan Markle, the question arose of her visa and the right to stay in the UK. Strictly speaking, any person from outside the EEA is required to obtain a visa in order to live in the UK. It can be assumed that Mrs. Marcl, a US citizen, will also have to obtain a visa to enter and live in the UK. A spokesman for the Kensington Palace, Jason Knauf, confirmed this by stating that “Megan Markle will always comply with all immigration requirements” and that she “intends to become a British citizen.”
In a joint interview on Monday, Ms. Markle and Prince Harry talked about how their relationships were being built at a distance, so it can be assumed that Ms. Markle came to the UK to meet Prince Harry as a visitor. However, in order for Ms. Markle to move to the UK, she will need to obtain a visa.
If Mrs. Marcl intends to move to the UK now, she must apply for an entry visa of the bride or receive a special visitor visa for marriage. Both visas are issued for a period of up to six months. Since Ms. Markle and Prince Harry said that they intend to marry in the spring of 2018, any of these visas will work. If Ms. Markle receives an entry visa as a bride, after marriage, she is allowed to change her status within the country and obtain a residence permit as a spouse of a British citizen in accordance with the FM Annex of the UK Immigration Rules. If she receives a special visitor visa for a marriage, she will have to return to the country of residence to apply for an entry visa as a spouse of a British citizen, and when this application is granted she will be able to return to the UK to live here.
Assuming that at the time, Ms. Markle will meet all the requirements, she must obtain the right to permanent residence (“permanent status”) after five years of living in the UK as the wife of Prince Harry. This is contrary to the information given in The Times today, where it is said that she will be entitled to apply for permanent status after three years. After obtaining permanent status, Ms. Markle will be entitled to apply for naturalization and a British passport, provided that she has not been absent in the UK for more than 90 days during the last 12 months of her stay and more than 270 days in the last three years of her residence in the UK.
Since Ms. Markle is a US citizen, an English-speaking country, she does not need to confirm her English, but she will still need to take the “Life in the UK” exam as part of her application for a permanent residence permit.
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