What I do not like about Canada.
Ontario’s labor law does not limit employers in choosing working hours. You could be hired to work from 8 to 5, but it’s time for changes and the employer now waits for you from 5 to 2 nights. No additional payments, nothing to be done. Do not like it, quit. At dismissal the truth payment of the order of a week for each year of work is supposed.
The employer also has the right to give leave when the employer is comfortable, or not to give it at all. Employers often do not even consider it necessary to pay for processing to those who are on salary.
The main principle of the state. – Cover Your Ass (cover your ass). From government services should expect the level of service to a minimum. If it is said that the paperwork will take from one to three weeks, you can safely count on 3 weeks.
If any problem falls into the so-called. gray zone, is not directly registered in the sphere of responsibility of this or that service, all services immediately begin to disown and poke one finger at one another. No desire to understand and help.
The difference is huge. Despite the high level of wages, trade union members in the private sector can be reduced, transferred to other jobs, and dismissed. Without any warning and proceedings. Slowly working, walking around, making rough mistakes in work, come on, good-bye!
Workers of state trade unions keep the whole country hostage. Not only that, social. the package in most cases outperforms the private sector, so it is not possible to cut / dismiss a negligent employee.
Corrupt cops are transferred to another department and covered, firefighters sleep at work during working hours (and receive a salary three times higher than the average for Canada), state workers work just slowly and are not interested in improving the productivity of labor.
The late mayor of Toronto, Ford, drove into the office in a wave of general indignation, but only managed to do that to disperse the garbage trade union. All other state. the unions are still at the helm.
Well, Canada as such has something to be proud of. Beyond large cities, driving is a pleasure. But it’s worth to enter Toronto-violations of traffic rules are becoming massive and in fact no one is prosecuting for these violations. Yes, there is a traffic police that issues fines, but its intervention is minimal. The police are few and completely oborzevshih cyclists and speeding by 10-20kmh they simply do not pay attention. As a result, travel to the red light, for example, is punished extremely rarely.
They are engaged only in fact, in the investigation of the incident, and now they are going to cancel the departure of the policeman to the scene of the accident. And here comes into effect the following problem-
Even if a person is a hundred times wrong but he has two three friends ready to lie, he has every chance of escaping responsibility. Homelessness giving testimony for a bribe by the way is also suitable as a witness. For the trial, all are one. So video fixing now is the first thing. Although in this case, too, everything is arbitrary, because in Small Claims Court – the world courts in which administrative cases are considered up to 25 thousand yu, sit not professional judges and so-called. deputy judge- in fact, people from the street, who have a jur. education. These people have nothing to lose in general and the issue of bribes is very acute. Yes, in Canada, too, take bribes, though not at all and not always. Periodically the stories rise and someone jumps (like the former mayor of Montreal or the liberal ministers in the same Quebec), but they catch a hand less often than they could.
In Canada there is no freedom of speech, in the usual sense. You can only say what does not contradict the law. In particular, any negative statements against races, religions, minorities and in general any groups of persons united on any principle are prohibited.
Exaggerating, if a person talks about the coming of Satan, this is normal. Twisting your finger at the temple and calling the crazy crazy – it’s against the law.
This translates into a clear imbalance in the rights of all the same races, religions, minorities, etc.. To demand additional privileges to this or that group became normal. Objections immediately come up against accusations of racism and so on.
So now we have schools only for blacks (in which hell and Somalia are going on), the laws under which a woman gets everything in case of divorce, bicycle paths to the detriment of motorists, gay parades at the expense of the budget and much more.
For example, the recent scandal-the liberal government of Ontario first took millions of dollars in gift from private companies, and then gave these companies a tenfold grant “To develop business.”
Or scandal with the nuclear power plant, when fellow consultants were paid billions for the development of the project, which was later considered impractical.