What every programmer should know in order to move to Austria.
In Austria, IT is not very developed. Therefore, getting a job here as a programmer is not very difficult. First of all, you need to know the basics, including the programming language on which you are going to work.
Greetings to all, friends! With you again, Maxim! I have not written down any videos for a long time. You really excuse me, but in Vienna and in all of Austria there was such a terrible heat that it was not that I did not want anything to record video. There was 36 and 38. Here at last, the first day, when the normal temperature of 20 degrees became more or less normal.
Today I want to talk with you on a topic. People who are somehow connected to me are somehow connected with IT – programmers, testers, designers. This is understandable, because I myself in one of my first videos said that I am a programmer, and told how I came to Austria. Therefore, people ask questions on this topic. And here is one of the questions that I was asked several times, and the last time my subscriber asked me was “Scorpio”: “What skills are needed for a programmer in order to find a job in Austria?”
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Let me immediately tell a couple of words about myself for those who first see my video. I have 9 years of experience in programming. But, despite this, I do not consider myself to be some cool programmers, I have no feeling that I am some outstanding expert in this matter. I’ve never worked in a big steep office, like Google or Microsoft, in my entire life. I worked all the time in rather modest companies, so everything I will say today is purely my personal opinion. If you really want to know the expert’s opinion on this topic, then do not listen to me at all.
So, I repeat the question: “What skills are necessary for the programmer to successfully settle in Austria?” I will answer this question with one single word: “Basics!” For some reason, many people think that in order to become a cool programmer, get a good job , it is absolutely necessary to know some super opportunities, hidden features of some programming language or some kind of technology. I will tell you that most people who fail in an interview fail on the very basis, on the most basic knowledge that is given in institutions.
What do we reckon with the basics? For example, the basic principles of object-oriented programming. You need to know exactly what inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism is. No matter how clever these words are not sounded, but this is what you need to know. You also need to know the basics of databases. As you wish, but you must know this. Because despite the fact that NoSQL is moving forward with leaps and bounds, the main corporations and companies use relational databases. And knowledge of the fundamentals is an indispensable condition. Therefore, you definitely need to know. What else do you need to know? Well, let’s look at some programming language. When you go to a specific interview, it is already written in the description of what specific programming language you will be programming. Of course, you go to some kind of Google or Microsoft, then your specificity. There they more check the knowledge of algorithms, which we will talk about further, the ability of a person to think. But nevertheless 99% of offices call the programmer for a specific language, specific technology. So this language you should know more or less. You do not need to know everything in it, you do not need to know any small details, but you need to know how this technology or programming language works.
The following are algorithms. This is an interesting thing, about which in all the books on the interview you will be told about their importance. For all the years of my work, even if not in serious companies, I have never used any algorithm. I never sorted binary trees, I never did depth first search, I never needed it in my life. Nevertheless, I advise you to teach them. Why? Because algorithms are a prescribed mechanism for solving a problem. This mechanism was developed and approved once by the best minds of mankind. This is the optimal and very beautiful solution to some problem. Therefore, algorithms need to be studied not only to know them, but to know how everything in our computer world works. Because where you do not look, any technology, any programming language will be based on already ready algorithms. Therefore, algorithms are the part of the foundation that you need to know. I also read books from time to time, watch videos about algorithms and, frankly speaking, safely forget them. Then again I look, again I learn and again I forget. I forget, because I never use, but teach, because I know that you need to do this. Therefore, the advice is this: even if you do not need algorithms, you will still learn them, because this will improve your level as a programmer, IT specialist. Simply because you will learn to distinguish between beautiful, elegant solutions to standard problems, and in the right places you will not try to invent a bicycle, but will know that there is such a solution. All you need is to find a specific implementation of the algorithm and use it.
Next – design patterns, so-called patterns. Do I need to learn this? Required! It’s from the same series as the algorithms. Design patterns are ready-made elegant solutions of the most standard programming problems. Therefore, things like Singleton, Bridge, Factory should not cause horror in you, but should be accompanied by an understanding nod of the head. This you must know for sure. Therefore, this, like algorithms, forms the basis of your professional literacy.
I would also like to note such a feature of our craft, which, I think, you already noticed, and newcomers will soon notice that in our work it’s very hard to keep up with the times. You will constantly see some new programming languages, some new frameworks. Recently, a lot of JavaScript-frameworks, Frontend-development has been bred. And very often people have an opinion, and I am often attacked by such despair, I feel that I am lagging behind, I lose my qualification. And then you, friends, should understand such an important thing that new technologies come and look very cool and cool. But you must understand that at the heart of any new framework, any new technology is old. And at the heart of any old technology are all these algorithms, design patterns and basic things that you need to know. Therefore, knowing the basics, you can always find associations, you can easily learn new technologies and develop professionally. So learn the basics.
Recently we had a new interview, we were looking for a new programmer, and there were about 10 candidates for the interview. Of these, about five were mother senior developers with 15-20 years of experience, and there was one young girl. Who do you think we eventually took? We took this young girl, who was least of all years, experience. But, nevertheless, it was the only person who could answer all these basic questions, because nobody will ask you super tricky questions for interviews. You will first be asked basic questions. These hard-core programmers could not answer them. Why could not they? Because when a person works in the same place for 10-15 years, then he stops developing and forgets the most basic basic things. All these senior developers could not answer the most primitive questions. They could not answer questions on the basics of databases, on some basic constructions, languages. I understand very well that maybe they worked with other technologies, maybe they did not use it, but the fact remains that the young girl could answer all this and seemed much more promising to us than all these mother programmers with a lot of years of experience .
And the last thing I want to say about Austria itself. In Austria, IT technologies, as you have listened to me, are not very well developed. Therefore, here, if you go to an interview, you will be asked more for a specific technology. It will not be, as in large corporations, when you are chased by algorithms, for some tricky tasks. All of you probably heard about the interview in Google, where there are tasks like “How to put an elephant in the refrigerator?” Here everything is somehow more mundane and simple. When I was looking for a job here, I went to a couple of dozen interviews. In no interview did I write anything on the board, I was not asked any difficult questions. Of all the heaps of interviews I’ve been on, there have always been basic, standard, primitive questions. Of course, if you go to a large company, then there may be a different way. But we do not talk about large companies, because there are no such companies in Austria, there is not a single branch with programmers from large corporations. Therefore, know the basics, some technology you will need to know, and do not think that you will somehow be heavily driven in Austria, be enthusiastic in the interview, show that you are ready to learn and know basic things well.
There will be some other questions on this topic – ask. I will be happy to help you. With you was Maxim. Good luck! Bye Bye!
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