What day is better to move, day off or weekday?
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What day is better to move, day off or weekday?
First of all, you need to understand exactly how you move – change your place of residence, or the location of the office. If the relocation concerns a private apartment in a residential area, then on a weekday near the house there will be more free space at the entrance, which will allow the car to park as conveniently as possible and thus reduce the time of loading and unloading. In addition, the elevators on working days are much less busy than on weekends, which will also speed up the moving of the apartment in Moscow.
As for the change of office, it is necessary to understand in which part of the city it is located. If the sleeping area, then everything written above remains relevant. If the office is located in the center of the city, or in an active business district, then it should be remembered that loading on the roads during working days is much higher, and sometimes it’s quite difficult to drive up to the office building during rush hour by truck.
Another point to be taken into account when changing the location of the office is that the relocation of the office will take all day, and if this day is a worker, the firm may suffer losses, as the employees simply can not perform their duties. While on a day off this can be avoided.
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