What are the features of the Green Card in Canada.
Interest in Canada who want to move to more comfortable conditions is much higher than to other countries. Despite the fact that her government is actively pursuing the involvement of migrants, it is rather difficult to become a citizen of this country. Is it possible to get a Green Card in Canada, as, for example, in the States, & # 8211; A question that does not give rest to many.
Ways to obtain Canadian citizenship.
Immediately it should be noted that the annual lottery Green Card, as in America, in this country there. Such a term is rather formal in nature and, in fact, more applies to the concept of “immigration visa”. The number of such permits issued annually is 300 thousand.
The selection of candidates for the right to own a Green Card is conducted around the world and is considered the largest of all currently existing on our planet. Participation in the competition can be accepted by all citizens, regardless of ethnicity and country of residence. The basic principle is & # 8211; professional and business qualities.
Canadian Green Card Option & # 8211; this is a good chance to realize oneself to those who have a higher education and work experience in their field in a field that is of particular interest to Canadians.
You can obtain an immigrant visa by participating in the following programs:
You can obtain a resident card on the basis of this project by counting balls according to different criteria for evaluating a specialist. 67 points are considered to be passable. In the list of measured indicators, you can name:
education; level of language proficiency; experience; age; job opportunities in Canada; adaptability. In addition, to find out if you have a ban on leaving, will help a proven and high-quality service of our partners, which will provide you with information on the existence of debts for loans, fines, maintenance, utilities and others, as well as assess the likelihood of banning flights abroad.
In addition to the required number of points, you need to show also the availability of funds sufficient to support yourself and your family.
This project is designed for people who are going to open their own business or invest in the Canadian economy. The main criterion for selection is the possibility of economic integration on Canadian soil. According to this criterion, all participants of the program are divided into:
entrepreneurs; investors; Private entrepreneurs who provide a range of services without hiring employees.
The decisive factor in the decision is the availability of funds for conducting business activities.
Family immigration.
The following persons can participate in the project “Family immigration”:
spouse (s) of the sponsor; the civil spouse (a); partners associated with marital ties, but not living together; children; sponsor’s parents; children who are going to adopt.
It should be noted that in 2018 there is no list of compulsory occupations, quotas have not been set, the period for consideration of applications has been reduced to six months. The new program is called the Express Entry and implies only electronic filing.