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Finland is a country that attracts foreign entrepreneurs. There are a number of reasons for this. The political situation is stable, the country has a very advantageous location on the world map, sparing taxes, a developed economy of the country and the opportunity to issue a residence permit – this is not a complete list of Finland’s advantages for attracting businessmen. The society of shareholders has won the greatest popularity among the organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurship.
If you want to open a business in Finland, you need to consider the rules and features of this case.
Who can create a business in Finland?
To develop in this small business state there are all conditions. In addition, not even the indigenous population of the country can calmly undertake to open their own business. After all, the rules for this are equal for both Finns and foreigners. Visiting citizens can establish their own independent firm in the country, as well as a subsidiary of their company or a subsidiary. The main condition for a third country citizen is the existence of a permanent residence permit and the number of social insurance in the state in which he intends to develop entrepreneurial activity.
The opening of your business is the order of its registration in Finland.
The most popular type of business among entrepreneurs from Russia is business in the sphere of services and trade. Although, of course, the choice is not limited to this. Having decided on the type of activity, the entrepreneur must go through certain steps for his legal registration:
Obtain permission for commercial activities in Finland. It is issued by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the country. Pay the state fee and submit all the necessary documents to the Bureau of Patents and Registration. To engage in the creation of stamps and seals of a newly-made company. This issue can be solved with the help of a specialized firm. Pick up workers in your company’s staff. It is especially important to find a highly qualified and accountable accountant to avoid problems with paying taxes. Control of this in the country is very serious and strict. Also among the managing companies there must necessarily be Finns.
Forms of doing business in Finland.
Organizational and legal forms of firms allowed for opening on the territory of Finland:
Private entrepreneurial activity; Closed company of shareholders, whose liability is limited; Open Society of Shareholders with Limited Liability; Affiliate form of the organization; Cooperative form of organization.
If an entrepreneur is not considered to be a resident of the European Union, he must obtain a work permit and a residence permit in Finland in order to start private business. After all, in this case, the entire responsibility for the company’s debts and its obligations will lie on the entrepreneur, as the sole owner and the manager of it.
Also one shareholder can establish a joint-stock limited liability company. In this case, for such an organization is typical:
the minimum amount of the authorized capital is 8 thousand euros; Since the registration of the firm, payment of capital has to be made; a ban on the sale of shares to third parties; it is possible to manage the company by one director, however, most of the directors in the organization must have the title of EU residents.
If an open company of shareholders with limited public is established by one shareholder, it is characterized by the following characteristics:
presence in the capital of the company at its foundation 80tys. Euro; between the registration of a firm and the payment of capital must not take more than three months; the absence of a ban on the sale of shares to third parties; management of the company by the Board of Directors, the CEO and one of the directors of which must be members of the EU.
In Finland, partner organizations of two types are distinguished. This is a general partnership with limited and partnership with unlimited responsibility of its participants. With unlimited liability of partners, the minimum number of founders of such an organization is two people. There is no need to pay for capital. Characteristic features of such an enterprise:
the ban on the transfer of rights to third parties without the knowledge and approval of the general meeting of partners; all partners are equally responsible for compliance with obligations and payment of debts of the firm. In this issue, both legal and physical persons are equal; the management of the company rests with the general partners under the terms of the memorandum of association.
With limited liability of the partners of the company, its founders can become both legal entities and individuals. The minimum number of them – two people, one of them must necessarily be a general partner. There is also no need to pay capital. Characteristic features of such a company:
unlimited liability for the repayment of debts and fulfillment of the company’s obligations, is equally distributed among all general partners; The other partners are responsible for their commitment, without going beyond their share; the firm is managed by general partners; there is a ban on the transfer of their rights to third parties, if this was not allowed by the decision of the general meeting.
The cooperative form of the enterprise in Finland is extremely rare. The minimum number of its founders – three people. They all may not be residents of the EU, which is the main feature of this form of business.
The opening of a small business.
Small business in Finland is a very common phenomenon. Of the almost two hundred and a half thousand companies on the territory of the country, 93% have a staff of 1-9 people. In addition, about 6,5 thousand firms are founded by foreigners or not by the indigenous population of the country. From the total number of organizations this is 3%.
The largest group of foreign population in Finland is Russians. They are actively building their own business in this country – they establish companies or work as private entrepreneurs. The main part of youth, having received a high level of professional training, burns with ambitions to open their own business. Most often, newly-minted businessmen in the territory of another country choose business in the sphere of services and trade.
A package of necessary documents.
The first thing you need to open your business in Finland is the availability of a business plan and seed capital. Opening a business is to observe the following procedure. Initially, the minutes of the meeting on the establishment of the company are signed, which, in fact, is the creation of this firm. Then they open a bank account, and also send a package of documents to the Bureau of Patents and Registration. The state fee for opening your business is about three hundred euros.
List of required documents:
a copy of the passport (civil or foreign) of the founder; the version of the name of your company; transfer of various activities of the organization; if a joint-stock company is registered, a list of the members of the Management Board is required; the participation of the founders in the share – 2,5 thousand euros for the smallest statutory fund of the company.
Which business is profitable?
In Finland business is flourishing in the sphere of tourism.
Business in Finland for Russians can bring a good profit if you choose the right sphere of activity. Making this choice, you need to consider the financial market and your personal knowledge in any matter. Many entrepreneurs take economic contacts with Russia as a guide. And also do not forget that Finland – a very developed country, it thrives in tourism and services.
Acquisition of a ready business in Helsinki.
You can also buy a ready-made business in Finland. Most foreign businessmen buy business in Helsinki, focusing on this city as the capital of the state. You can buy, for example, a store or restaurant in the name of an already registered company. The income from such a case is influenced by the location, turnover of the enterprise and many other factors.
Prices for a ready business in the capital are very scattered:
The cheapest purchase will be a shopping pavilion with a cafeteria. Prices for it vary around 50 thousand Fm (about 10 thousand $). The purchase of a pizzeria in Helsinki will cost no less than 100 thousand Fm (approximately $ 20 thousand). A jewelry shop or a shop in the capital of Finland costs about 120 thousand Fm (24 thousand dollars). The price for a cafe – from 130 thousand Fm (26 thousand $). Sharply more expensive will cost the photo studio – no cheaper 200 thousand Fm (40 thousand $). Quite expensive will cost a businessman a beer restaurant – from 220 thousand Fm (45 thousand $). In a penny will be the acquisition of a travel company. Its price will not be less than 1 million. 800 thousand Fm (370 thousand dollars). The most expensive ready-made business is a sports center, which will cost in Helsinki from 2 million Fm (420 thousand $).
Possible difficulties in creating your business in Finland.
Ignorance of the local language is by no means the only possible difficulty that a beginning businessman may face. A large number of entrepreneurs from other countries do not have sufficient knowledge. Most often this is because they rely on rumors or advice from incompetent people. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to apply for advice only to special support services for entrepreneurs and administrative bodies. This is a kind of free consultation, including in Russian.
Another difficulty may arise when obtaining a loan in Finland – if a person is in the country not so long. Sometimes it is also difficult to obtain permanent residence on the basis of registered economic activity. It is also difficult for an alien to find a room for rent.
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