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We are opening a business in Belgium.
The Kingdom of Belgium is known as the cultural and political center of Europe, which is often visited not only by dedicated tourists, but, first and foremost, by businessmen. Belgium attracts the latter not by accident. Buy or open your business in Belgium is not so difficult. This is facilitated by factors such as:
Geographical location and convenient transport interchange. For example, a train from Brussels to France can be reached in one and a half hours, and from Brussels to the Netherlands – for two. Belgium is a party to the Schengen Agreement. The Belgian or Schengen visa will allow you to move around freely in 24 countries of the European Union. In Belgium, dual citizenship is allowed. And this means that to open your business, you do not need to be a citizen of this country. Prices for rent or purchase of real estate in Belgium are more than democratic. Renting a building in the center of Belgium is equal to renting an apartment not in the center of Moscow. Belgium has a simple and understandable system of taxation. In addition, Belgium has concluded treaties with 90 countries around the world on double taxation. That is, a person who has dual citizenship is not threatened with paying taxes to the two countries he lives in. In Belgium, there is a simple system for registering an enterprise. Belgium is a country with high economic, social and political stability. The opening of business in Belgium assumes in the future a residence permit in this country.
How to start a business in Belgium?
Belgium is a country with a high standard of living, a well-developed infrastructure and the availability of qualified specialists in different labor areas. That’s why it attracts foreign businessmen so much.
In order to open a business in Belgium you need:
Certificate of establishment of the company, which is notarized and published in the official statements. Enter the company in the commercial register. At least two founders of the company. They must be a legal entity or an individual. At the same time, citizenship or residence in the country are not required. In the bank (only Belgian!) Open a company account. In advance, the company’s capital must be established. The minimum contribution of the authorized capital is 19,000 euros. The compulsory first installment is 30%. Register the legal address and accounting records in Belgium. Plan the organization’s clear financial plan.
cafes and restaurants in Belgium thrive.
Business registration in Belgium.
On the basis of the Belgian legislation, any foreigner can conduct his own activity on the territory of the country.
Business registration takes place in several stages:
Through the Belgian embassy you need to request a professional card (issued to self-sufficient professionals for a period of five years) and a residence permit. The request must also provide proof of professional activity documents and medical records. In the Federal Ministry of the middle class, which deals with this issue, after getting acquainted with the documents, a permit or prohibition of activity is issued. In case of prohibition, you can apply again. The second stage involves entering the company in the commercial register. At the end of this stage, the businessman already has a professional card, a residence permit, and a bank account. Reception of TVA number, that is – VAT. Over the next three months, the owner of the future enterprise must join the social fund. This is a kind of social contributions, the amount of which is determined by the income of the institution. Formal registration in the Ministry, which provides for the signing of the necessary documents. If a business owner plans to recruit staff, he must also join organizations that regulate the labor statute of employees.
In general, the registration takes about 2 – 3 weeks. Reduce the time and effort for all the formalities will help special companies that deal with helping businesses. Services companies are paid, but sometimes time is more expensive than money!
Can I buy a ready-made business in Belgium?
Buying a ready-made business in Belgium will save some legal difficulties that may arise when starting a business. In this case, special attention should be given to legalization of funds allocated for the purchase of business. To acquire a ready-made business it is better, of course, to apply to specialists who understand this area and select a profitable and profitable business.
Ready-made business in Belgium will not cost much more than registering one’s own business. The first option will significantly reduce the time.
Doing business in Belgium.
The legislation of this country is favorably located to foreign investments and businessmen, so investing in Belgian companies is quite a profitable and profitable business.
One of the most common types of business in Belgium is catering. Frequent events and celebrations on the streets of cities are a good occasion for visiting various bistros and cafes. And this, in turn, is a good income.
An empty building under a cafe can easily be rented for 2000 euros. Often above such buildings there are also apartments for the owner. The next important step is the study of local cuisines and consumer tastes. Perhaps, it will be possible to please the Belgians with something new. After acquiring the building, you need to open an account in the bank, conclude insurance and get an accountant who will keep the accounts. All these procedures will take 2 weeks time and 4000 euros together with the rental of the premises.
It is also important to remember that for cooking or confectionery in Belgium, you need a special education or certificate of passage of such courses. It would be nice to use advertising to promote the institution.
To make your own business, in this case, a cafe, bring income, the profit of the cash desk for the day should be at least 700 euros. After all, you have to pay bills and buy food. Small business in Belgium for the first 3 years is exempt from taxes. Therefore, time to increase profits is more than enough!
Thus, it can be said that Belgium is one of the best options for acquiring a business. In addition, having opened or bought a business in this country can be quickly and “painlessly” to obtain citizenship.
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