We moved to the canada forum
I think it’s time to dilute the void of this branch. So,
About us: a young, ambitious family, tired of Ukrainian lawlessness and anarchy.
Purpose: to change the place of residence, to increase the Ukrainian diaspora.
Interest: Canada, namely – Toronto.
English language. Listening and writing – excellent, speaking – strong good.
What we have: Higher economic education (Master’s dergee in banking). Currently – working in multinational companies (different). My company has 4 offices in Toronto, which makes it easier to find work 🙂
Problem: the lack of family / friends / friends in Canada, which makes accomodation somewhat difficult. The process of obtaining visas has not yet begun, since while we are writing a plan (but we pass with points on points).
It is necessary: to get from the acting canadians parting words, approval, calls for action, etc.
A pleasant bonus: the establishment of acquaintance (at first), strong friendship (later) and the provision of minimum consulting assistance. Active contacts are encouraged with colleagues in the Canadian office of the company I work for.
But how would I also speak to the Canadian public on this emerging forum! I note at once that this is a good sign to begin your speech, like your life in Toronto from the scaffold of this forum and together with this portal, which has a great future! I am still in Finland, but in a month I will be in Toronto. I would like to have time to arrive and take part in the first meeting of Forum magnates of Toronto. So not only we will chat in the virtual, but also live!
Do not tell me where to turn? where to begin? and how all the same there live those who once as well as we just wanted to get off and go?