We issue a visa to visit the Kingdom of Tonga.
For Russians, a visa to Tonga in 2017 is needed, since there is no intergovernmental agreement on visa-free visits. The Kingdom of Tonga is an independent state located in the Pacific Ocean on the Polynesian archipelago of the same name. Tonga is 177 small islands. Water borders connect the island state with Niue, Fiji, Samoa. Tonga’s interests in Russia are represented by Britain, which for some time carried out the patronage of the island.
Visa options How to open a visa Entry dates Entry with a child Important details.
Options for obtaining a visa.
You can obtain an entry permit in two ways:
to issue a visa in advance through the consulate; get permission immediately after arriving at the islands.
The first option is rather difficult, since it will have to act through the British embassy or visa centers. The visa fee for Tonga is not provided, the entrance is free, but the processing of documents will have to be paid. In addition, the British migration officers are extremely radical in their consideration of documents, and even the papers themselves will have to be collected not as an example. Add here the time of waiting for a visa decision, the time for sending a package of papers.
The second option is not easier and cheaper. The visa is issued at the international airport of the Kingdom of Tonga, there is no need to pay money for issuing visa permits.
How to open a visa.
To get a visa stamp, you need to provide the employee of the checkpoint upon arrival to the islands the following papers:
active foreign passport, which will be valid for another three months as of the date of crossing the border; tickets for departure by return flight; instead of tickets, you can attach proof of reservation of a place on a cruise ship – an extract from the ship’s role; the third option, confirming that the foreigner intends to leave the islands on time, is transit tickets, that is, not back home, and then on the route of travel; hotel reservation or other confirmed place of residence on the island; the grounds for entry – the availability of money sufficient for a comfortable stay.
Checking the availability of tickets, an undated passport and money, the border officer will put in the passport an entry stamp with a date.
Terms of entry.
To live on such a visa, received upon arrival, can not be longer than 31 days. At the end of this period, a foreign citizen must leave the territory of Tonga.
If there is a need to stay here for a while, you can extend your stay by applying to the immigration service. In addition to the application, you must provide proof of payment for the hotel and new tickets for return departure or departure by the ship.
If you know that stay will be longer, you need to apply for a visa permit to the island’s migration service. This can only be done through the British consular services. It will be necessary to justify the purpose of entry and collect documents on a broader list.
Entry with the child.
To visit Tonga together with the child, it is necessary to fulfill the universal requirements for traveling abroad for minors.
To cross the border on arrival, you will need these papers:
a birth certificate, an insert of citizenship, if issued in addition to a certificate; a power of attorney for the accompanying person if the child is traveling without a mother and father. The document must be notarized; consent for the removal of a child from a parent who does not take part in the journey, if the child crosses the border with only one parent; own foreign passport or page in the parent document, where the minor is inscribed.
Important details.
Entry to the island is free, but for the flight the airport charge is levied. Its amount is 25 Pa., Or the equivalent amount is New Zealand or Australian dollars.
You do not need to pay a fee for children under 12 years of age. Diplomats, passengers of transit flights are also exempt from payment, docking of which takes no more than a day.
There is no direct communication between Russia and Tonga. They will have to transit through southeast Asia, using foreign airlines.
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