Ways of obtaining a residence permit in Sweden.
Sweden attracts many with its high level of sociality, many benefits, affordable and high-quality education and medicine, stability of the banking sector, a high standard of living in general. As a citizen of Russia to move here, or rather, to obtain a residence permit in Sweden.
Who can get a residence permit.
There are several commonly used ways of obtaining the residence permit of Sweden:
business immigration & # 8211; establishment of a company and its development; creating a family & # 8211; marriage with a citizen of the country; to reunite with family & # 8211; at the time of having significant relative kinship & # 8211; children, parents, wife (husband); on the basis of a work permit.
Regarding the temporary residence permit, the state has certain peculiarities in its granting:
Each case of immigration authorities carefully studied. For this reason, the period for which permission is granted may vary by time, even under the same circumstances; a request for residence permit is filed in Russia to the immigration service, and an interview is conducted at the Swedish consulate in Russia; The residence permits to Sweden are issued to Russians about half a year, and permission for a year, as in most countries, “# 8211; the phenomenon is rare.
More detailed information about the ways of moving to permanent residence in this country.
Migration for work.
Immigration to Sweden from Russia for work & # 8211; the process is complex, as it will have to acquire a work permit, and it is usually issued to holders of rare in the realm of the profession, for example, IT professionals.
In employment Sweden has great advantages & # 8211; regardless of the status of the firm, when signing a contract with a future employee, all the formalities employers take on themselves.
With this move, it is important to follow the rule & # 8211; During the first 2 years of being in the state, it is forbidden to lose your place of work. This is only permissible for reasons that are completely independent of the migrant, for example, the ruin of a firm. In such cases, 90 days are given to a foreigner for employment. If he does not find a job, then the residence permit is revoked.
Grounds for obtaining a work permit.
A work permit is available for Russian citizens if:
candidate & # 8211; athlete or coach of a professional level, than in the future is going to be engaged on the basis of one of the sports cents of Sweden; there is an invitation from the employer-Swede; the work in will be carried out in the artistic sphere, that is, the performances will be rewarded; will provide labor as a full-time graduate student or scientific worker of the Swedish organization. the device to work through the program “Au-Pair” & # 8221; (employment in the leading European company of young professionals).
Immigration for study.
Swedish residence permit is also available for students traveling to this kingdom for training on exchange programs, as well as for persons who have been enrolled in the course of mastering a new specialty or for the development of an already existing duration of more than 3 months.
Also in the Kingdom can get a residence permit:
students admitted to study universities or colleges, equated to universities; students enrolled in a gymnasium or secondary general education institutions.
Students who are enrolled in any educational institution of the state must apply to the Consulate for a residence permit. And they should do it personally.
Those who study in the country on a short-term program of miles exchange program, during the training period are allowed to work in Sweden, while a work permit is not needed.
Business immigration.
Registration of a residence permit for a business immigration program is possible for the owner of the company and for his household.
When using the designated program, the following sequence of actions is possible:
the optimal structure of the firm in the medium term; degree of participation of the founder of the company in the operational management of it; list of participants;
tasks and goals of the move.
When preparing a self-plan & # 8211; the costs are zero if the specialists are involved & # 8211; then their services are paid.
registration of a company in Sweden at the designated address; opening of a corporate bank account; company tax registration; hiring a manager-Swedish resident.
Close to 10 thousand euros.
Registration of papers for each migrant in the FMS.
Depends on the category and category of migrants.
For consideration by the migration department of the application and the issuance of residence permit, the following fees should be paid:
The partners of the owner of the company, and relatives, for each & # 8211; 1250 euros; The applicant-owner of the company + his family, at all & # 8211; 2250 euros.
In the case of the use of business immigration in the initial application for residence permits, this document is issued for a year. Prolongation at the end of this time can be two years.
Permanent residence.
Permanent residence of Sweden allows for an unlimited period of time to live and work in the country.
This step to a maximum approximates the receipt of Swedish citizenship.
You can become a permanent resident of the state, depending on the type of immigration at different times and grounds for immigration.
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