Ways and peculiarities of immigration to Serbia for Russians.
The financial and economic crisis and Western sanctions are forcing Russian citizens to think about emigration to the prosperous regions of the world. An excellent option for moving around for more than a decade is Serbia. The economy of this state is more stable, and Russians are treated with warmth and hospitality. To live in Serbia, you need a residence permit. How to get it and when can I apply for permanent residence?
Possible options for immigration to Serbia for Russian citizens.
There are several ways to immigrate to Serbia for Russian citizens:
Opening a business and investing. Business cooperation with Serbian organizations. Employment. Creation of a family with Serbian citizens (possibly both a civil registered partnership and an official marriage). Family reunification. Training and professional development. Treatment. Possession of real estate in the territory of Serbia. Serbian origin.
Emigration, immigration and migration are completely different concepts. Migration is the movement of people. Emigration – moving from the state, which is in the context. And immigration – entry for permanent or temporary residence in the country, which is spoken about.
For simplicity of understanding, let us give an example. A Russian citizen moves to Serbia for permanent residence. For a Ukrainian, he will be a migrant, for other Russians – an expatriate, and for citizens of Serbia – an immigrant.
Spouses of citizens of Serbia can obtain a residence permit.
What gives a Serbian residence permit.
Among the advantages of the Serbian residence permit can be identified:
the right to permanent residence in the territory of Serbia during the validity of the document without the limitation of the number of entries, the possibility of staying without a visa in the Schengen area for 90 days in the half-year, the processing of visas for foreign countries in the territory of Serbia, the possibility of obtaining an insurance medical policy for free service in local institutions health, the right to purchase and register a vehicle, the possibility of obtaining permanent resident status and citizenship in the future.
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Varieties of the document.
The residence permit is divided, first of all, into temporary and permanent. Temporary residence permits are issued for up to 1 year with the right to extend. Based on the extradition, they are classified into the following types:
for businessmen and investors, for property owners, for spouses of Serbian citizens, for work and business cooperation, for study, for treatment, for reunification with relatives.
Permanent permanent residence (permanent residence) are valid for 5 years. On the grounds of registration they are divided into the following varieties:
for persons who have long stayed in Serbia; for the spouses of Serbian citizens; for minors; for persons of Serbian origin.
Temporary residence permit is valid for a maximum of 1 year.
Specificity of the procedure for obtaining residence permit.
The process of obtaining a residence permit is not very difficult and generally takes no more than 1 month.
In what organization to address.
An application for the issuance of residence permits is submitted by the applicant personally to the Police Department in Belgrade, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia. It is located at: despot despot of Stefan, house 107.
Applications for registration of a residence permit at diplomatic missions (embassies and consulates) of Serbia abroad are not provided.
Who is entitled to receive the document.
The following categories of immigrants can become holders of residence permits:
businessmen who founded the company, the bank or opened a branch of a previously existing organization in Serbia; employees of foreign companies who signed an agreement on cooperation with Serbian enterprises; employees who have concluded an employment contract; The sportsmen who have concluded the contract with one of sports clubs; spouses (including civil partners) of Serbian citizens; relatives of Serbian citizens; Foreigners invited by Serbian citizens for a private visit; journalists; priests; students of language courses; students and trainees; highly qualified specialists invited by the Serbian organization; lecturers and professors of universities; employees of diplomatic and consular institutions of foreign states in Serbia; persons planning to undergo treatment or rehabilitation; employees of international organizations and consulting companies (for example, the European Commission, the IMF); owners of residential and commercial real estate on the territory of Serbia.
Students can get residence permit, trainees, students of language courses.
Basic requirements for applicants and necessary documents.
Russians have the right to legally stay in Serbia for up to 30 days without a visa. During this period they can apply for a residence permit.
The list of basic documents includes:
international passport; confirmation of residence (lease agreement, home purchase, notarized residence permit from relatives); 2 color photographs 3 4 cm (full face); 3 completed application forms (issued to the police); a check on payment of the fee for registration of residence permits; papers confirming the purpose of the stay (they can be found on the link).
Pensioners must additionally provide evidence of a stable income. As such a document, you can attach a certificate from the Pension Fund on payments or financial guarantees from relatives who will provide accommodation for a pensioner in Serbia.
If a residence permit is issued for a child with his parents, only his birth certificate will be required in addition. But in cases when a minor will stay in Serbia with one of the parents or without their care, you need a notarized consent from the other parent or both.
The acquisition of real residential or commercial property in Serbia is a direct basis for the registration of residence permit.
A photograph to be submitted must be in color.
Specificity of prolongation.
To extend the residence permit, the applicant must apply to the Belgrade police department one month before the end of the validity period. At the same time, it is necessary to submit the same documents as when filing the application. The residence permit will be extended for up to one year.
How much does it cost to get a residence permit?
The cost of residence permit consists of 2 fees:
for filing an application – about 16 thousand dinars; for registration of the document – 8 thousand dinars.
Details for payment can be viewed on the link.
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Moving to permanent residence.
If a foreigner has lived in Serbia for at least 5 years for a temporary residence permit (in the case of a marriage – for 3 years), he can obtain permanent resident status – permanent residence. The document confirming this status is “Personal card”.
For registration of permanent residence it is necessary to apply to the police station of Belgrade with the following securities:
a completed application form (issued locally); by check on payment of fees; passport; copy of passport pages with temporary residence permit; 2 photos; medical service from the Serbian Medical Society; birth certificate; documents on education; confirmation of financial guarantees; documents confirming the right to own or use real estate.
The papers issued in the Russian Federation must be translated into Serbian by an authorized sworn translator of the police.
After 5 years of living in Serbia, you can request permanent residence.
The card will be issued within 1 month. Each applicant must pay fees for submitting the application and processing the document (200 and 8 thousand dinars respectively).
After 8 years of residence in Serbia, a foreigner can apply for citizenship.
Detailed information on the issue of permanent residence permits is available on the portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia.
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Serbia is a sunny and hospitable country in the Balkans. Getting a local residence permit is quite simple. After 5 years of residence, foreigners receive permanent resident status, and after 8 years can apply for registration of Serbian citizenship.
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