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In life, quite often the most unforeseen circumstances occur when there is a loss or theft of documents, money, securities. In a situation where a foreign citizen has lost his residence permit, it is necessary to apply to the territorial body of the Main Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation within ten days with a statement. This can be done both at the place of issue of the residence permit and at the place of residence. In the event that the document was stolen, the citizen must apply to the internal affairs department of Russia at the place of theft or residence (residence).
Application and necessary documents.
The application for the loss of a residence permit is filed in an arbitrary form. Attached to it is a certificate, which indicates the fact of reporting to the Department of the Interior in case of theft of the document. Also, the foreign citizen together with the application presents two photos that meet certain requirements.
While the application for the loss of a residence permit is being considered, a foreign citizen is issued a certificate confirming the receipt of the application. A person without citizenship receives such a certificate with a photo that is certified by the seal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that adopted the application. Within seven working days after the application is filed, the circumstances of the loss and information that are reported by the foreign citizen are checked. Only then he gets a duplicate residence permit.
Substituting documents.
If a foreigner needs to travel to another city to visit the embassy of his state of citizenship, he is given a certificate according to the established pattern. The term of its validity is one month and can be prolonged no more than for half a year.
If a citizen who claims to have been stolen or lost a residence permit will subsequently be able to find him, he must declare this in writing. If this happens after the receipt of a new document, then the document found should be handed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs’s GOVM.
The same is the procedure for obtaining a new residence permit in cases where a foreign citizen has changed his surname or name. In a document that certifies the identity of a foreign citizen, make a note on the issuance of a new residence permit for him.
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Of course, money and documents must be stored in such a way as to exclude their loss or theft. But if this happened and you need to restore the residence permit, then contact the Center for International Cooperation. Our specialists will always come to the rescue and assist in the preparation of documents. Call, write! Our phone: +7 (812) 984-24-00.
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Last news.
March 25, 2016 adopted a bill on refugees from Ukraine.
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It says that now they will be able to obtain a residence permit in a simplified manner. This was reported by official sources in the latest news.
The new bill is aimed at all citizens who have arrived on the territory of the Russian Federation on an emergency basis. It does not distinguish between persons who immediately received refugee status or who participated in the state program of voluntary resettlement.
The head of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation commented on the migration situation in Europe.
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He agreed that Russia can not be relaxed, as it is necessary to prepare for possible complications. In parallel, he noted that the state already has a positive experience in resolving issues with refugees, so any situation will prove useful.
Head of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation Konstantin Romodanovsky expressed his own opinion about the migration policy of the European Union.
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Head of the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation Konstantin Romodanovsky expressed his own opinion about the migration policy of the European Union. He is sure that countries have not been able to withstand the unexpected influx of illegal immigrants, now their integration into the labor market is impossible, and at the same time there is a gradual expulsion of “uninvited guests”. Russia took into account the events that took place, taking into account the mistakes of the Europeans, in order not to admit them in their own country.
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“A friend is a citizen of Uzbekistan, she made her a package of documents in your company.” She is very grateful to your girlfriend for her friendliness and careful approach. ”
Sergey Shumeiko.
“I would like to sincerely thank your company for the help, we often work with migrants, and they need to make out a whole package of documents, cooperated with different companies until they stopped at yours.” Specialists are responsible for their work, all the necessary papers are received by our employees in a timely manner There are no problems with the checks. ”
Arslan Dzhioev.
“Natalie, accept my gratitude for the prompt registration of the temporary registration! Everything is excellent, very satisfied.”
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Temporary registration for citizens of the CIS: 1000 rubles.
Migration card (service Departure – Entry): 4500 rub.
Permit for Temporary Residence: from 27000 rub.
Labor patent for foreign citizens: from 22600 rubles.
Check for a ban on entry to the RF: 4000 rubles.
Withdrawal of the ban on entry to the Russian Federation: from 25,000 rubles.
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