Vnzh to study Slovakia
Slovakia, one of the few countries in the European Union, which attracts foreign students with a temporary residence permit (residence permit) for the entire period of study, with the possibility of employment. Students can officially get a job and earn extra income, which covers expenses not only for food and housing, but also gives the opportunity to travel throughout the EU, attend cultural events, excursions, etc., and it is also one of the easiest ways officially immigrate to the European Union.
Degrees of education.
In 2015, there are 20 state hospitals in Slovakia, and about 10 private universities. One of the most popular among foreign applicants is the Matei Bela University in Banska Bystrica. Also willing to enter the University of Komenskoy, Slovak Technical University, Slovak Medical University, located in Bratislava, Zhilin University in Zhilino, etc. In these universities you can get three levels of higher education. Bachelor’s degree – is designed for three years of study, a master’s degree or an engineer – two years of education after a bachelor’s degree, a doctor of medicine, assumes 3-4 years of study, depending on the specialty. Degrees are assigned in accordance with the European ECTS system, according to the results of tests that are delivered at the end of the training. For example, to get a bachelor’s degree, you need to score more than 175 points (credits). Applicants from Ukraine, Russia, and other CIS countries, after graduation and receiving a certificate of secondary education, can only apply to a bachelor’s degree, and students with bachelor’s, specialist or master’s degrees (received in other countries) – to the master’s level. The doctorate takes for training only with a master’s degree, which was received at a European university.
Training courses.
To enter the Slovak University, you need to know the Slovak language, as teaching, at most faculties, takes place on it. Exceptions are faculties, such as: international relations, translators, etc., where English or German is needed. We offer to learn Slovak in the preparatory courses accredited by the Ministry of Education of Slovakia, after which you will receive a state certificate of knowledge of the language. The training center at the Slovak State University Matei Bela, located in Banska Bystrica, offers two preparatory programs for Russian-speaking students, detailed information on which you can find in the section on preparatory courses.
Preparation of documents for admission to the university of Slovakia.
Another mandatory entry point is the procedure for the nostrification of the national education document in the Ministry of Education of Slovakia. These are: a certificate of secondary education, a diploma, a certificate of completion of courses and inserts to them. These documents must first be apostilled in the Ministry of Education of the country in which they were received. Then, the translation of these documents is made, from the Slovak state sworn translator, to the territory of Slovakia, and the process of nostrification, directly at the selected university, is being carried out.
Information on the conditions of admission, examples of entrance examinations, as well as a list of necessary documents, can be found on the site of the chosen university or faculty. This information is updated annually. Admission to some faculties is conducted without entrance examinations, based on the certificate of completion of preparatory courses accredited by the Ministry of Education of Slovakia. There are some faculties that decide on the availability of entrance examinations, based on the number of registered applications, a large number of applications – there is, not enough – are canceled.
On specialty with a large number of people wishing to enroll, students are enrolled solely by the results of the entrance examinations. In private universities, basically, there are no exams, only for some faculties, for example medical or international relations. Entrance examinations are conducted in the form of tests: 80-110 questions, on which one should choose one of 2-3 possible answers, for 80-120 minutes. To get acquainted with the list of questions that will be present on the tests, you can use the books that the faculties publish before the start of the introductory company (usually 2 -2.5 months before the exams start). While studying at the preparatory courses, it is allocated several hours a week to study questions on the entrance exams. Teachers will help you deal with incomprehensible questions, pull knowledge in the right directions.
In most cases, applicants register at once two or three applications for admission, one of which for a specialty or faculty that does not provide entrance exams, thus guaranteeing a guaranteed income. “Spare variant”, may not correspond to all desires of the applicant, but it gives an opportunity for free education in a European university, and the opportunity to go to the desired profession in the future.
Training at the preparatory courses.
The training center at the Slovak State University Matei Bela invites you to the preparatory courses of the Slovak language.
We will provide qualified advice and assistance in all matters of interest, at all stages, starting with the issuance of a tourist or student visa in your country, and continuing to support in the process of employment or family reunification.
It is also possible to organize individual or group, study tours in Slovakia and other EU countries. Provision of personal transfer services: meeting at airports (Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Katowice, etc.), meeting at the railway or bus stations in the cities of Slovakia. These services are calculated individually, and are paid additionally.