Vnzh in the Spanish real estate
Spain always attracts foreigners. Someone comes to rest on the plush Mediterranean resorts, others get a job or do business, and still others want to stay forever in this sunny and somewhat carefree country. It is about the third group of visitors to Spain, and we’ll talk.
To feel confident living permanently in a foreign country, you need to get a certain document that guarantees you a legal stay on its territory and subsequently helps to become a full-fledged citizen of this state. In Spain, however, as in most other European countries, such a document has become a residence permit.
What gives a residence permit.
The document of residence permit gives the right to be in the territory of Spain legally and, in addition, you get the opportunity to enjoy many benefits available to citizens of this country:
Receive medical care under insurance. Free to teach children in schools. Buy and place a vehicle in the property. Get a permanent residence document. To travel without a visa to the European Union and live in any of its countries for up to 3 months. Register your own company or buy an already running business.
As you can see, the advantages are enough, and now we will consider how to get a residence permit better and faster.
Getting a residence permit when buying a property.
We will not go deep into the ways in which you can get a residence permit in Spain, just note that there are several of them, but we will consider the fastest of them, which is possible when buying real estate or other large investments. Spain, like any sensible state, encourages an accelerated receipt of a residence permit, if a non-resident invests in his economy. Therefore, you can obtain a so-called investment residence permit: by purchasing real estate in Spain for the amount of 500 thousand �, by making a contribution to the bank for the amount of 1 million � or by purchasing government bonds for the amount of 2 million �. And you do not need to invest the whole amount at once. It is enough to buy a property for half a million euros for several transactions, after which obtaining residence permits becomes a reality. With this method, the speed of obtaining a document takes only 4-6 months.
Procedure for obtaining a residence permit.
So, you decided to get a residence permit by buying a property in Spain. Then the algorithm of your actions will be as follows:
Open a bank account. You pay for the property. You make a migration application in the country of residence or at the consulate of your country in Spain. A migration request can be filed without your presence with the help of a legal company dealing with your issue, by proxy. The transaction is registered in a special register. You issue an immigration visa at the consulate. A resident card is issued that gives the right to a one-year residence in the country.
In case of initial treatment, the residence permit is issued for 1 year, after a second appeal it can be extended for another 2 years and for the third time it is extended for another 2 years. After 5 years of residence in the country, you can start registration of a permanent place of residence and citizenship.
Documents for registration of residence permit.
By the time you visit the consulate, you must have collected the following package of documents:
A statement written by you personally in duplicate. Four color photos. International passport. Copy and original. Certificate of absence of criminal liability at the time of application. Marriage certificate. Birth certificate. Medical certificate. Medical insurance valid for 12 months and issued in a Spanish institution. A document confirming the ownership of real estate. Receipt for the payment of consular fees. Extract from the bank account of the existence of a certain amount of money necessary for normal living. Original document Escritura Publika, confirming that the applicant was bought real estate worth 500 thousand euros. Extract confirming the payment of all taxes.
Documents (certificate of criminal responsibility, marriage certificate, birth certificate and medical certificate) are taken in the country of their citizenship, translated into Spanish and notarized. The remaining documents are taken in Spain.
You may need additional documents, but this happens very rarely.
What is better to know in advance.
In any case, there are many “pitfalls”, which are better to know. Registration of a residence permit is no exception. For example, real estate should be bought without attracting mortgages. Cash and funds transferred from offshore are also not welcome. Competently approach the selection of immigration lawyers. There are businessmen demanding for their services for several thousand dollars, motivating it with different, incomprehensible for the ordinary person difficulties.
When obtaining residence permit for family reunification, adult children, economically dependent on their parents, also have the right to this document. For example, the father received a residence permit. A year later, he can apply for a residence permit for members of his family (underage children and his wife). But if he has adult children (over 21 years of age) who are in his possession, he will be able to start the registration of residence permits and on them. Otherwise, an economically independent adult child can not claim such an advantage and must formulate a residence permit independently by going through all the steps described in the article, that is, buying real estate or using other methods.
Keep in mind that in order not to lose a residence permit you need to visit Spain at least once a year, perhaps just passing through.
Getting a residence permit in European countries, including in Spain, involves many difficulties, but the purchase of real estate worth more than 500 thousand � simplifies this procedure and significantly speeds up the time of receipt of the document.
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