VNZh in Russia on the new rules.
Residence permit is an obligatory legal formality for every foreign citizen who plans to stay in Russia for permanent residence.
Each country has its own law regarding the number of days in Russia without official status. For Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan it is three months from the date of entry. After this period, the foreign guest will have to leave the country. The residence permit is the starting step in obtaining the citizenship of the desired country. Having this document available, you can stay in Russia for up to five years.
The legal language is a residence permit – an updated status for a foreigner, as well as a refugee, allowing you to stay in the country. In addition, it is possible to cross the border without hindrance.
The official paper is granted for five years, during which the citizen can absolutely live freely in the territory of the Russian state.
The residence permit is a compulsory procedure for a person who plans to stay in Russia for more than three months. If you break the law – a great risk to run into a big fine and violate the migration schedule. As punishment, deportation and a ban on entry to five years are necessary.
The residence permit is also necessary for those people who plan to receive Russian citizenship. In fact, a residence permit is a document equalizing a foreign citizen’s rights with the Russians.
A person who has the necessary paper, has the following rights:
unhindered employment; receiving free medical care, according to the MHI policy; there is no need to apply for a visa to enter Russia.
There are two important exceptions. The document allows the guests of the country to feel equal with Russians, but some restrictions still remain. In particular, a citizen who received a treasured paper still has no right to participate in elections and has no right to leave the Russian Federation for more than six months. If the law is violated, the document can be revoked.
How to obtain a residence permit in Russia.
For 2017, there are nine categories of citizens for whom a simplified procedure for obtaining residence permit is provided. Each of these categories assumes its own special approach to collecting documents. You can collect the documents yourself. Naturally, there is also a more expensive way – to draw up papers through special commercial organizations, but this will be much more expensive.
The main categories of citizens, for which it is possible to file documents:
having in hands RVP; who have the certificate of a participant in the voluntary resettlement program; refugees; in-demand specialists; citizens of Belarus; Citizens who guarantee the level of the Russian language, comparable with the media; people recognized as political refugees; Minors, with the presence of one of the parents in Russia.
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Features of the procedure.
The document is a key point in the design of a residence permit for the vast majority of foreigners. The RVP is an intermediate stage between a temporary residence and a residence permit.
It is issued only within the quota. The government of the Russian Federation changes the quota every year. The number of those who wish to register is on average ten times greater than there are available seats. There are also privileged categories of citizens who rely on RWP. They go out of turn.
They issue a document without taking into account the quota if they meet the following requirements:
officially registered marriage with a Russian citizen; minor citizen.
Please note that an intermediate document is not required for citizens of Belarus and for those in demand who have a work permit.
The new law of 2017.
In 2017 in Russia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed the introduction of a ballroom assessment system for all those who wish to stay in Russia for a long time. Thus, it is planned to increase the qualitative influx of emigrants and reduce the percentage of people receiving citizenship, without actual benefit.
The new law is under consideration, but it is possible that in the near future will be adopted.
The ballroom system involves evaluating each migrant for a certain number of parameters.
The exact criteria will still change. If the applicant can score a large number of points, then he will receive a document on preferential terms. If the test fails, the permit will be refused. Probably, you will be able to repeat the procedure after a while. While the law is amended.
Similar requirements for emigrants operate in Canada and Australia, where there is also a high inflow of labor.
The ideal portrait of a candidate for a hundred points is as follows:
the age of 21-45 years; higher education received in the territory of Russia; language skills; close relatives in Russia.
Each of the factors has its own specific significance, depending on the biography of each candidate. For example, if a person has relatives, but has no education, then such an item will not help him get a residence permit on preferential terms.
For citizens of Ukraine.
The deteriorating political environment between Russia and Ukraine has had a natural impact on migration issues. Prior to the military conflict in the southeast of Ukraine, residents of this country enjoyed numerous benefits in Russia. In fact, they did not differ in any way in terms of rights from the inhabitants of Belarus.
For the year 2017, the situation has radically changed.
Earlier, for example, Ukrainians had the opportunity to stay in Russia unlimitedly, only notifying the migration authorities about this. Now most of the privileges for Ukrainians are abolished. Citizens of Ukraine must have a good reason to be in Russia. The exception is made only for residents of the areas where military operations are conducted.
According to the current law with respect to Ukraine, the following categories of citizens have benefits:
specialists in demanded occupations and members of their families; refugees; persons who have legalized guardianship for incompetent citizens; Citizens, to whom the employer allows to work under the contract.
The above categories of citizens have the right not to issue a temporary residence permit. For everyone else, this procedure is mandatory.
Ukrainians have the right to receive residence permits after having spent a year in the territory of the Russian Federation. The law does not obligate you to stay in the country for 365 days a year. It is necessary to observe the rule of 180 days, being six months in Russia.
The application can be submitted one year after the official registration of the RWP. Since 2017, in addition to the standard collection of securities, citizens of Ukraine are required to provide an official paper on the knowledge of the Russian language. In addition, certificates of knowledge of the history and culture of Russia are surrendered. Earlier, these documents were not necessary.
Please note that it is necessary to provide papers for residence permit no later than six months before the end of the term of the RWP.
The matter is that each application, under the law, can be considered within six months. Accordingly, in order to avoid problems with migration control, this formality must be observed.
To apply for residence permit Ukrainians need the following package of documents:
passport and its copy (copy must be notarized); map of migration accounting; information on all incomes for the last three months; a certificate on the absence of AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases specified in the regulations; a special document confirming the knowledge of the Russian language, history and culture; in fact, the statement itself in duplicate.
There are some clarifications. Citizens of Ukraine who have a diploma of education obtained in the USSR are not required to pass the literacy test. A similar rule applies to pensioners, even if they have no education.
When submitting certificates of income, make sure that the income itself is not below the subsistence level in Russia.
To the citizen of Kazakhstan.
Russia and Kazakhstan also have an agreement on visa-free travel to the territory of both countries. In this case, more than 90 days in Russia can not be. There is a simplified scheme for obtaining Russian citizenship for migrants from Kazakhstan, but it is designed only for two categories of citizens.
First, benefits are granted to citizens of Kazakhstan who were born or lived within the Russian Federation before December 21, 1991. The passport of the USSR is required for confirmation. Secondly, it is possible to simplify the procedure if there are close relatives available.
After receiving the RWP, as in the case of the Ukrainians, only a year later you can apply for a residence permit.
Along with the application, you must provide the following documents:
Photo; documents from the place of residence; documents confirming the ability to work (an extract from the account or a certificate of income); papers confirming the marital status; the results of the examination, testifying to the knowledge of the Russian language, culture and history.
For minor citizens of Kazakhstan, you can not obtain a separate residence permit. Children with a happy outcome fit into the parents’ documents. The same practice is introduced regarding retirees.
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To the citizen of Belarus.
For Belarusians, the most simplified system is available. Until 2009, Belarusian citizens were forced to file documents in a general manner, but then the system changed significantly. In the framework of the agreement between the two states, it was established that equal rights of citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus to neighboring countries are ensured.
Accordingly, to obtain a residence permit Belarusian citizens only need one document – their own internal passport.
Despite the simplified procedure, some auxiliary references still need to be attached to the application:
certificate of absence of HIV; a certificate of income in the Russian Federation or the availability of a deposit in a Russian bank.
Other documents are not required. In particular, the citizens of Belarus are exempt from various tests.
A residence permit must be obtained for all foreign citizens without exception, if they plan to stay in Russia for a long time. A simplified system operates for residents of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This is especially true of Belarusians. The procedure is long and complicated, so you should pay close attention to detail when collecting documents. Often there are refusals to obtain residence permit because of non-compliance with small regulations. Carefully check the rules for your country and always have a small margin in terms of time so as not to be deported in case of refusal to obtain a residence permit.