Vnzh in England, the status of an investor
Visa investor in the UK & ndash; Tier 1 Investor is created for those who plan to obtain a residence permit and the citizenship of the UK through investments and are able to invest in the UK economy.
ATTENTION: T requirements for certificates on the absence of previous convictions: for investors and entrepreneurs from September 1, 2015.
A candidate who can:
is located in the United Kingdom in the following categories: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4, as well as some of the previously existing immigration categories; is located on the territory of the United Kingdom as an investor for Tier 1 or as an investor under the previous rules and wants to extend his stay as an investor for Tier 1; is outside the territory of the United Kingdom and wishes to enter the country on an investor visa and obtain a residence permit and a UK citizenship through investments.
Legal support, preparation of application & ndash; & pound; 5,950.
Unlike other sub-categories TIER 1 and TIER 2, applicants for an investor visa to the UK will not need to provide information on employment plans or running their own business. They will also not need to take the test in English.
An applicant for an investor visa will have to provide evidence that he is able to invest at least 2m on the territory of the United Kingdom and already has an open investment account in the UK.
2 million & ndash; the minimum amount of investment, and in accordance with the new rules, the amount of investment for immigration purposes is divided into three levels:
Depending on the level of investment, the period is shortened until the immigrant-investor receives a permanent residence permit in the UK.
The candidate must have the intention to invest in the UK economy the full amount of investment in one of the following ways:
purchase of government bonds of Great Britain. investment of equity or borrowed capital into an operating and leading business company (or a number of companies) that is registered in the UK.
The funds must be invested within three months from the date of entry into the UK on the basis of the investor’s visa (in the case of an entry visa) or from the date of receipt of the investor visa (if the application was filed in the UK).
The number of points for the initial application.
A future investor may have the intention of investing any amount in the UK economy, which will greatly affect the receipt of a permanent residence permit in the UK, but the amount of future investment does not matter to obtain an investor’s entry visa. In total, the candidate must score 75 points, which are accrued to the applicant, if he.
owns at least $ 2 million in a regulated financial institution that can be used in the UK and monitors them. from April 6, 2015, future investors must have an investment account in the UK prior to filing the original visa application.
Location of funds.
In the process of considering a visa application, funds can be located both outside and in the territory of the United Kingdom.
If the funds are held not in pounds sterling but in another convertible currency, then the applicant must indicate in the application form the amount converted into pounds sterling at the exchange rate on the day of filing the application.
To obtain an investor visa, the following can be taken into account:
money resources available to the candidate together with the spouse / partner; funds owned by the spouse / partner.
In this case, the candidate must have the unrestricted right to move and distribute family funds, as well as permission to dispose of these funds in the UK.
A visa may be refused if the British Embassy / Home Office has grounds to believe that the applicant does not control the funds, or the funds were received illegally, or if the trustworthiness of the person providing the applicant is questionable.
Since November 6, 2014 immigration rules have changed in the category Tier 1 (Investor). Now there are 2 types of investor visas, and the requirements for them vary significantly.
Extension of Tier 1 (Investor) for those who submitted the initial application for this category before November 5, 2014 inclusive.
If the amount of investment is less than 5 million, then in three years after investing the investor visa will need to be extended for another 2 years. A successful candidate must score 75 points. Points are awarded according to the following parameters:
& pound; 1 million in the UK (30 points):
the candidate must prove that he has at his disposal a pound of 1 million or more and the money is in the territory of the United Kingdom; or the candidate must prove that he has borrowed the necessary funds on the territory of the United Kingdom.
Investment – 750 thousand (30 points):
It must be shown that no less than 750,000 of the total amount was invested in the UK into government bonds, equity or borrowed capital of companies registered in the UK that operate and operate.
Investment terms (15 points):
The applicant must prove an investment of at least 750,000 within three months of entering the country and show that an investment minimum of 750,000 is maintained throughout the entire period of stay (from the time when the investments were made).
If the volume of funds invested in shares or securities decreased due to a fall in value, then immediately this amount should be adjusted in such a way that the total amount of investments remained at the required level during the entire duration of the investor’s visa.
Investors who have received a visa under the rules in force before November 6, 2014, can refer to the cost of part of their own home, which is the main place of residence, if a mortgage loan was not used to purchase this part. In the case of shared ownership, the investor can only use the part that belongs to him.
Extension of Tier 1 (Investor) for those who submitted the initial application for this category from November 6, 2014.
Applicants who have invested a minimum amount of 2 2 million will have to renew the investor’s visa for another 2 years in order to be able to apply for permanent residency (ILR).
Conditions for extension (75 points):
it is necessary to show that no less than 2 million have been invested in the UK into government bonds, equity or borrowed capital of companies registered in the UK that operate and operate, except for companies engaged in real estate investments, property management or development; it is necessary to provide evidence that the investment was made within three months from the date of entry into Uk on an investor visa or from the date of receipt of an investor visa (if the initial application was filed in the UK).
Since April 6, 2015, the holders of the investor visa no longer need to invest additional capital in case of a decrease in the cost of the investment portfolio relative to the initially invested 2 million.
Investors have the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit in less than 5 years, depending on the size of the investment, namely:
Investing & pound; 5 million & ndash; after a three-year period from the date of investment of the relevant amount. investing a 10 million & ndash; after a two-year investment term.
This rule applies to those investors who are already in the UK in this category.
For those who have invested? 1 million (if the initial application was filed before November 5, 2014 inclusive) or? 2 million rules remain the same, that is, they will receive a permanent residence permit after 5 years.
The initial visa is issued for 3 years 4 months (or 3 years if the original application was filed in the UK), and then extended for 2 more years if necessary.
The applicant can be absent in the country for not more than 180 days in any 12 calendar months of the specified period.
To obtain a permanent residency, investors must pass the Life in the UK test and demonstrate the knowledge of the English language at a sufficient level. Check out the list of language tests recognized by Home Office. The applicant does not take the test if he has a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the UK, or in some other countries if the teaching was conducted in English.
The requirements for obtaining British citizenship remain unchanged, and even if the applicant received a permanent residence permit in the UK after 2 years, investing? 10 million in the UK economy, he will need to live in the UK as a permanent resident for another 3 years so that it can Apply for citizenship. The rules regarding the maximum number of days of absence in the country when applying for citizenship remain unchanged – 450 days in the amount of 5 years.
The holder of an investor visa has the right to work in the UK.
The holder of an investor visa has the right to bring with them family members (spouse and children under the age of 18) as dependents.
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