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Law Office of Dr. Lynchinger, Vienna.
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Dr. Clemens Lintschinger, MSc.
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The Law Office of Dr. Lynchinger provides legal advice to clients from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Eastern Europe, assistance in obtaining residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship in Austria, establishment and registration of companies in Austria, acquisition of real estate in Austria, obtaining loans from Austrian banks, assistance in admission to educational institutions in Austria, assistance and support in courts, expert advice and recommendations.
– Assistance in obtaining residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship in Austria:
Residence permit Residence permit Citizenship, dual citizenship Judicial and pre-judicial representation of interests Submission of complaints to the court Labor law Migratory law (for example, for key specialists)
– Property law and property rights:
Acquisition of real estate by third country nationals Preparation of purchase and sale agreements and gift contracts, options, pledge agreements, etc. Confidential transactions Drawing up of tender documentation Agreement on trust management of real estate Realtor’s law Contracts with developers Drafting of guarantees Guarantees and other forms of security Construction contracts Contracts for architectural works Rental agreements Representation during construction works Drawing up complaints to the Constitutional Court and the High Administrative Court Maintenance or protection of the rights of claim for payment under the contract of contract (Anti- Claim Management). whether the deviation of guarantee claims Claims against unfair competition special properties (eg, mosques, shopping malls, etc.) Housing Law.
– Establishment and registration of companies and representative offices:
Establishment and legal support of companies Verification of the appropriate organizational and legal form of the company Drafting of constituent contracts Registration of the fishery Preparation of General Terms and Conditions of Contracts Agreements of all types (lease agreements, supply agreements, license agreements) Registration of a trademark Collection of debts of clinics Cooperation with selected tax consultants, auditors, business -consultants and notaries.
Establishment of companies Choice of organizational and legal form Memorandum of association Amendments to the charter Maintenance of all organizational and legal forms Labor agreement with the director Agreement on trust management Purchase of the company’s shares Holding of the general meeting Share participation in companies and change in organizational and legal form Joint ventures Disputes of the founders Problems of responsibility Acquisition companies Sale of companies Transfer of companies by inheritance Liquidation of companies.
Disadvantages when buying travel with discounts and on the shares Rights of air passengers for late check-in and flight cancellation Loss and damage to luggage Missed leave Legal advice for travel agencies Representation of travel agencies in case of unfair competition.
Urgent exposure to the case file Representation of clients in the police and the prosecutor Contact with the press Protection planning Verification of the statement of claim Protection in criminal cases Representation and protection of victims of violence in court.
– Registration of trademarks and patent law.
Verification of the possibility of trademark protection, work with search engines Registration of a trademark Protection against the objections of third parties against the registration of your trademark Filing of objections against the registration of a trademark of third parties Representation on claims for the cancellation of a trademark Consultations and representation in negotiations for the conclusion of treaties Protection of your rights, arising from the registration of the trademark, name, name, if they are violated by third parties. Measures against unacceptable registration of the domain in and use of your trademark, company name, etc. third parties Protection against claims for non-performance of obligations, compensation for damages.
The right of NGOs and associations Consultations on the establishment of NGOs, associations Drafting statutes Board and members Commitments Fishing law Election of members and association bodies Peaceful settlement of disputes.